Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm Moving

Both physically and technologically.  Our family is relocating to St. Thomas, Pennsylvania, where Mike will be working for JLG in McConnellsburg, PA.  (Funny thing, Mike used to work for JLG's direct competitor, Genie Industries, when we lived in Seattle.) The physical move is a result of a very difficult decision.  Yellowstone Church is our baby, and it was very difficult to know God was leading us to hand our baby off to someone else.  However, for the health of the church and the health of our family, we know this is the right decision.

The technological move is more symbolic.  This is a new chapter for our family, a new location, and I have a new, I thought we needed to transform the blog as well and move it.  Now you can find me at Ivy Six-Pack.  I know, not a huge change, but c'mon, I have lots of change going on right now!!!

See you over there!