Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was just reading Kate Gosselin's book, Multiple Bles8ings. Setting aside any opinions of their family or situation, it is an interesting book to read. Like Kate, I sometimes struggle with wanting to control things (something she confesses in the book). I want to set things up in such a way that my kids are taken care of...that they don't hurt.

Change of thought, but I promise it all ties in nicely...

Judson is struggling with a staph infection again. He had one at the beginning of May, and he was put on antibiotics. In addition to that, we had to drain the sores that appeared on his body. I know, TMI...but I tell you that because it was painful for him, but necessary. It was also painful for the mommy to see him in pain. He healed up, and I was thankful it was over. Apparently it was not. The strain he had is resistant to some antibiotics...including the one he was taking. So this past weekend he showed up with more sores, and was feeling pretty crummy. So now he is on a different antibiotic. However, he has six sores on this sweet body that need to be drained. They are all in very tender spots, making it more difficult.

As a mother watching her son struggle, I too struggle with the "how do I keep this from happening" thoughts. Because the truth is, I can't. We didn't do anything wrong...and we probably couldn't have prevented it from happening. But I don't want to see my child suffer.

So as I am reading Kate's book, she starts talking about wanting to make everything right for her children, and then having God tell her, "No, Kate, they are mine first. I love them even more that you ever possibly could. Let me be in control!" WOW! That's God putting me in my place! Because I did not read Kate's name when I was reading it...I read mine.

Why is it so hard to let the God who controls the universe control my life? Why don't I just give in? Why do I even begin to think that I know better? I wouldn't dare admit that out loud, but my actions reveal my attitude.

My kids, my house, my finances, my health, my future, my relationships - He is in control of it all!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It is the first day of Summer (and Father's Day - Happy Father's Day - and my sister's birthday - Happy Birthday, Jessica!) and I just made hot chocolate for my kiddos. What is wrong with this picture???

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Rules

Any mother with more than one child over the age of 5 will totally understand this. Who knew there were official rules???

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Do-Nothing Day

Today I did NOTHING.

But let me explain.

This past weekend my husband kidnapped forced took our family to the camp that he attended when he was a child. They were having "Family Camp" and he was the speaker.

Let me just say that Jennifer is excited about camp has not been issued since jr. high. Back then I was more concerned about the cute boys. Of course there was still a cute boy, but there are now things like dirt, bugs, and dirt.

But my husband was so excited, so we packed up the family and went. Into the mountains...out of cell range...to stay in a little cabin...and sleep on a hard, skinny bed. Sleep is such a broad term. It could mean to close your eyes and enter a relaxed state of slumber for 6-8 hours.

Or it could mean that you attempt to find a comfortable spot on a bed that is only 24 inches across.

Or that are still cold despite wearing four layers and snuggling into your sleeping bag with it pulled up over your head and completely zipped up.

Or it could be that when you are finally able to close your eyes for a few seconds that your youngest child wakes up crying and decides that there is room in your sleeping bag for her too.

Or it could be that your middle son's iturtle starts to go off, and you question for the tenth time why he brought it with him.

Or you discover that now is the time for your allergies to pine to kick in...when you are in the middle of the mountains covered in pine trees.

And because of said allergies you discover that you haven't been taking your allergy medicine long enough for it to build up in your system.

Or you discover that maybe your husband and two other children seem to have a similar sensitivity to pine trees.

And if you combine all of that together you would have a combined total of 4 hours of actual eye closed relaxed slumber in a 48 hour time period.

Then you would come home and take a long hot shower and try to have some blissful eye-closed relaxation for nine beautiful hours except for the fact that you still can't breathe out of your nose.

So today I laid on the couch...took lots of meds...and tried to sleep...amidst children asking for something every few seconds. Thankfully the hubby also stayed home and fed the kids and talked to the plumber and the hvac guy.

So today, I did nothing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lost in Translation

Jeffrey asked me if he had to sleep with covers on for his "rest" time. Really, I don't know how we could call it rest time, because he doesn't rest. In fact he comes out every few minutes to stretch and say he slept, or because he has to go to the bathroom, or he forgot a toy, etc. It isn't rest time for me either.

Anyway, I said he didn't have to have covers on...whatever you want, kid, just stay in your room and let mommy have a few moments of peace.

This is what I found when I went to check on him...

...no covers. But how can you be upset when he is sitting quietly looking at his brother's bible...that he was touching without permission...and had removed the bookmark from where Jarrett had been reading.

What do you say? "Put down the Bible and make your bed?"

"But Mommy, you said I didn't have to have covers. And I like it this way."

Every day, people...this is what I deal with EVERY DAY!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grampy T. comes to Town

My grandfather came for a visit on my birthday this year. He is 85 years young and made the big trip to see our family. When he arrived he said he wanted to play with the kids and eat out as often as possible. We were happy to oblige with both! However, the weather had different ideas. For the four days that he was here we had some miserable weather. Rainy and highs in the low 50s. But there were a few breaks and we took advantage of them.

The kids last day of school was Friday and Grampy arrived right before school was out. We picked them up and played on the playground for a bit. Sat. was so yucky that we stayed inside, ate chicken noodle soup...in June people!...and played the Farming game...and Iverson tradition.

Sunday after church, the sun peeked out for a bit, so we played and then came back home for the traditional popcorn and cheese and crackers dinner.

On Monday we decided to take Grampy to Yellowstone since he had never been. It was quick trip, and we didn't see everything, but we did see some cool stuff and experienced a variety of weather.

After we took this picture, we went back to the van to discover the doors were locked and Mike had left the keys in the ignition. By only a miracle, the driver's door was unlocked and we were able to get in.

Yes, that is SNOW!!!

The clan at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

What a suspicious group of kids!

I'm sure Grampy thought we would lose a child or two over the edge each time we stopped somewhere. I did too!

Grampy bought us all ice cream as an afternoon snack.

The Dragon's Mouth hot spring.

The moose we saw when we were leaving the park...after we drove through a foot of snow.

Dinner in Cody. Oh it was sooooo good! I don't think we needed to eat for the next 24 hours. Grampy and I both got a brisket sandwich. So yummy in my tummy!

I hope there are many more pictures like this!!!

Thank you, Grampy, for such a special visit. You showed me to be more patient with my children and enjoy them. To slow down and look around. To relax a little. To be generous with everything, but most of all my smile.

Long Overdue

Wow, it has been way too long! For those of you that know the Iverson's well, you know that we are just nearing the end of birthday season. That's my only excuse. I think it is the same excuse I used last year! So here is six weeks in pictures.

Mother's Day at Riverfront Park. We took Subway to the park and just relaxed.

Mikalah and I had gone shopping the week before and Mikalah "secretively" bought this hat for me... ...not so sure it was really a secret. Hard to hid something that size, but I love it!!! It is my southern belle hat! Perfect for sitting by the pool with a book!

Morgan's Birthday: May 27th. Can you tell she is a girly girl??

One of the things she asked for was a Dora bathing suit.

We took some friends out to the ranch to play around for the day. This is the view on the way to "Little Wall" (because it looks like a little wall...my kids always ask where big wall is...)

Boys and their toys...they go to blow things up.

My girls on the fourwheeler. Morgan went from one ride to another...all day long!

Mikalah and Judson both spent most of their time on the motorcycle.

Other uses for the fire ring. Later that day we did roast "smarshmallows" (according to Morgan)

One day I went with my friend, Jill, to take some pictures of the kids.

Jill had fun trying to get Jeffrey to follow directions. Mommy did not.

But a few good shot were to be had...now if I could just get Jill's shots...

Jarrett collided with a friend on a trampoline and came home with a good shiner. (a little hard to see, but it was pretty!)

And had his 8th birthday, complete with Mountian High Mud Pie. We tried to get one from Red Robin, but ended up making our own. It was soooo yummy and we had to throw part of it away before we started eating it for breakfast!