Monday, March 1, 2010

Radom Thoughts...

I have neglected blogging...enough said.

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and my kids are riding bikes outside...I am so ready for spring! But being the pessimist that I am, I woke up this morning thinking, "It is the first of March and beautiful outside...great, the end of March when I have to travel will be awful!"

You know it is going to be a trying day when before you even get out of bed your four-year old is already saying, "N-O...NO!" to being asked to get off your bed.

I finally used the last of the q-tips today...good thing I am going back to Costco tomorrow!

I have gotten serious about losing my baby weight (that would be from the children that are now almost 4 & 5). I restart my seriousness almost weekly. But this time I'm really serious! I'm using - cool site with lots of tips and a great community! And it is more about being healthy than losing weight.

I am addicted to She has great recipes - most of which don't fit well with the previous paragraph.

I have 78 weeks until I send my last sweet and wonderful child to kindergarten. It will be a sad day. What? you doubt my sadness? The tears are already flowing...really!

The library and I still do not have a good relationship. Last week, I was brave. I took five of my children to pick out books. I searched high and low for one particular book. The computers for searching are down. There is no "card catalog" like we had when I was younger with the yellowed cards that everyone and their germs had touched. And the librarians had their usually, "why are you bothering me again" look on their faces. Jeffrey had to go to the bathroom, Morgan had to go to the bathroom, Jarrett just wanted to play on the computer, Meredith wanted to check out chapter books, Morgan wanted CareBears books (located in the TV show themed books section - not alphabetized or organized in any fashion), Mikalah disappeared into the teen pit, and Jarrett only wanted non-fiction books about animals...any animals. After 45 min I was done. We went to check out at the main desk (remember the computers are down) and my children did not want to stand in line. They were all over the place - too close to the people in front of us, too close to the metal detector (not sure that is what it is, but it beeps loudly if you try to walk out with a book that has not been checked out...we know...from experience). Finally Morgan just sat on the ground. I asked her to get up. She responded that she didn't feel good and then promptly threw up all over herself and the floor. I figure we don't have to show our faces there again for at least another six months!

Why must my children run through the house? Do they not have a "walk" setting?