Saturday, April 28, 2007


Yesterday went very well. I was able to remain very calm and clearly express our concerns. The result is that they are going to do some more testing on Mikalah and see where she needs to be placed next year. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Where's the Manual???

There are days when I just wish my kids came with the same sort of instructions that my van does. If it needs gas, the gauge says so. If it is getting low on oil, the gauge says so. If I leave the lights on, the buzzer says so. When I put it in park, it stays there. When I want it to go and give it gas, it goes. it doesn't sit down and say "NO!" It doesn't whine for no reason. Today, I have had "run-ins" with each child. Why is Morgan crying? She's not hungry, not wet, and won't take a nap. Jeffrey has pretty much refused to do anything with an emphatic "NO!!!" Meredith has cried when asked to do anything I have requested. Jarrett played nicely until it was time to do homework and then he melted. Literally, he slowing collapsed into a balled up mess on the floor crying, saying, "buuuuuut IIIIIIII dooooooooooooooooon't waaaaaaaaaaaaant toooooooooooo!!!" Judson seems easy going, but I just found out another boy at school has been calling him names. Is it okay for the pastor's wife to go over to his house and punch him in the face??? I had a 25 min conversation with Mikalah's teacher and I'd really like to just transfer Mikalah to another class now, even if there are only 4 weeks left of school.

These are the days that make me cry! Cry to God for wisdom. It amazes me still how much that matters!!! How instantaneously He answers!!!

I cried and Morgan took a three hour nap (sorry, Chris, but I couldn't tell you that earlier!). Jeffrey is now strapped into his booster seat with three dum-dums. He's happy, I'm happy. Meredith went to softball with Mike and will go to bed when she gets home. Jarrett did a great job on his homework with a great picture of a shark. I'm sure his teacher will be proud. And tomorrow I will go and chat with the Principal about Judson and Mikalah. Pray for wisdom and that God will guide my words. My mouth often gets me in trouble. I need to look into some alternatives and I need to make sure that Mikalah is not losing interest completely.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

4-wheeling Fun & Fright

On Monday we decided our school kids would benefit from a science and history lesson out on Grandpa's Ranch. What we discovered was more of a Physics lesson. Mike's sister, Nicole and her husband were in town on their Spring Break, so we had a mini-family reunion. We roasted hot dogs on a camp fire and Mike's uncles (Thomas & David) told us stories about moving sheep and equipment when they were younger (that's the history part). Then everyone mounted up and went to help move cattle from one pasture to another. It was a beautiful day, clear and 70+ with just a little bit of wind.

Morgan, Carrie, and Jeffrey back from picking willows to roast hot dogs on!Grandpa and JJ on the motorcycle. Yes, we use motorcycles instead of horses. Cheaper, faster and easier to maintain, but not as romantic!

Uncle Tim and first time on a motorcycle. What every student getting his doctorate from Yale in Philosophy (huh?) should do on their Spring Break.
Meredith and her Aunt Nicole (because she doesn't want to share!)Mikalah, and yes, that is a motorcycle and yes, she did ride it. Things that make a mother proud!
This is Judson before. He does great driving the 4-wheeler and gives his siblings rides just beautifully. However, on their 5-mile ride, he dropped into a rut and flipped the 4-wheeler. Thankfully he is fine and Mommy was not there to witness the incident. He did "dent" a bone in his arm. That would be the technical, medical term. The doctor said it's kind-of like an aluminum can. It's dented, but it'll pop back in a few weeks. Until then, Judson is wearing a brace and not doing anything that hurts his arm - like washing dishes, making his bed, putting clothes away in his room...however, playing baseball apparently doesn't hurt! Life with a boy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter with the Six-pack

Whew! What a crazy weekend, but it is over and it was a success. We had an Easter Egg Hunt in the park across the street from our house despite the 25 degree temps. There were approx. 150 people and we went through a 42 cup pot of coffee & one of hot water for cider and hot chocolate. It was COLD, but the kids had a great time and we were able to do the Resurrection Egg Story with the kids.
Sunday morning, was equally successful. Mike did a great job teaching with a very evangelistic message. He even had several people crying - good tears. We got great responses on the Communication Cards and had 70 people(mostly visitors) attending. That makes for a lot of cookies baking in my oven today to deliver!!! Yeah, God!!!

We came home (exhausted) and had a family celebration. Mikes parents came down from Roundup (real name of town) and we had a great family time.

Now for your viewing pleasure...our attempt to get a good family picture. I think the progression is hilarious. Judson just keeps getting farther and farther away, and Meredith starts her model posing. Jeffrey was really not interested in getting his picture taken and Morgan thought it was all fun!

Jeffrey says, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Mommy says, "Noooooooooooooooooo!"

Switch little kids and Judson starts to sneak off.
Meredith says, "I'm trying to stand still and smile!"
Meredith: see my beautiful dress!
Mommy tries to get Jarrett to stop being goofy.
Everybody wiggle now!
Morgan thinks it's all FUN!
Can we please be done?
Meredith, "look, I can make my arms disappear!

In reality, this was the first picture we took.

We probably should have stopped there!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

25th Post...25 Things

  1. I was born in Paterson, NJ.
  2. To a teenage mom.
  3. Then adopted on July 1st - Gotcha Day!
  4. My parents thought Jennifer was an unusual name.
  5. I asked Jesus to live in my heart when I was four.
  6. Kneeling at the "throne" in the bathroom.
  7. I was an only child for 13 years.
  8. I prayed for a brother or a sister every night from the time I was four.
  9. My parents adopted 7 children in the next three years (from Korea & Costa Rica).
  10. I have lived in Virginia, Florida, Nebraska, Texas, Washington, Indiana, and now Montana.
  11. I said I'd never live in Montana.
  12. I went to a private Christian School for grade school.
  13. I skipped the third grade.
  14. I tried out for the cheerleading team in sixth grade.
  15. I didn't make it.
  16. I was home-schooled for junior high.
  17. I remember when the Space Shuttle blew up on lift off.
  18. I was watching Dallas instead of doing my school work.
  19. At junior high camp, the boy I liked said he'd pay me to eat a fly if he caught one.
  20. He caught one.
  21. I ate it.
  22. He never paid me $5.
  23. I ate another one the next week when someone didn't believe that I had the week before.
  24. I took two years to finish 9th grade, because my brother and sister spent a lot of time in the hospital.
  25. I went to public school for high school.

That was a lot easier than I thought - although I just pretty much started my life history, but oh well, it's good to get it down on "paper" at some time!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pity Party...Guests Welcome

That's right, I'm throwing a pity party. For the last week it has snowed off and on and I am tired of it. Here are the reasons for my pity party:
  1. Two weeks ago it was 75
  2. It is Spring
  3. I was wearing sandals
  4. My toes were pretty
  5. I switched Fall/Winter clothes for Spring/Summer clothes - for everyone!
  6. Then came the snow
  7. Friday night we got 11.5 inches
  8. Monday we got two more
  9. And tonight another inch
  10. I'm tired of bundling up my children and locating mittens and hats
  11. My daffodils and tulips I'm sure are smothered
  12. I'm tired of wet, smelly dog!

    Okay, that was fun, I hope you enjoyed my short (and definitely not sweet) pity party. Now we must celebrate all of this yuck, I mean beauty.

  1. Montana is in desperate need of moisture.
  2. Thanks to the rain, the snow disappeared between each episode.
  3. The trees do look beautiful covered in the white stuff.
  4. I was able to buy a couple of sweaters on clearance (80%off!) and wear them immediately (gotta love instant gratification).
  5. Because I'm wearing pants, I don't really have to shave my legs every day.
  6. We've had yummy soup a couple of nights for dinner.
  7. I've gone to Starbucks - to warm up!
  8. There's no reason to pay for a car wash.
  9. I've saved on gas because I don't want to go anywhere.
  10. I'm baking cookies to make the house warmer. (Okay so that's a really bad excuse!)
  11. I don't have to get out and do yard work quite yet.
  12. it will come to an end - Sunday is going to be sunny and 60!

Note: My husband usually tells me, "Pity threw a party and nobody came!"