Monday, May 18, 2009

Music Monday

This past weekend I had the privilege to attend a Women of Faith event. I have attended several events like these, and it is interesting to me how different they all are. Beth Moore's conferences are intense, deep in the word, worship emphasis events. Women of Faith is more of a fun girls weekend with a Biblical emphasis. Each has their place and purpose. And both are awesome in their own way.

I went into this weekend with some lower expectations. I really wanted to hear Lisa Welchel and Steven Curtis Chapman, but neither one of them came to Billings. And the special Friday day session has Marilyn Meberg as the feature speaker. Of all the "original" women, she is the one that I have enjoyed the least.

But I was blown away. Marilyn was fantastic! There were so many wonderful nuggets for the whole weekend that I am still processing.

One thing I thought I would share was a Mandisa performance. I started watching American Idol after season 5 when she appeared, so I was really not familiar with her. Her story is fabulous! Her voice is phenomenal. Her beauty is stunning! She is performing at Idol's finale this upcoming week and asked us all to pray that she would be a good witness.


*** Correction...I had previously stated Mandisa had won season 5, but my wonderful friend, Elaine, who is much more familiar with such things, pointed out that she actually came in 9th. Thank you, Elaine!!!!! (Shows I wasn't paying close attention when they introduced her at WoF!, but still looking forward to hearing her sing at the finale!)

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Heasleye said...

I love having expectations surpassed! Glad you had a great time!
PS - Mandisa didn't win Amercian Idol...(quickly goes to check wikipedia to be reminded what place she did get...)she was 9th. She and her voice are beautiful!!