Friday, August 14, 2009

My God is AWESOME!

First, let me say that I am working on a post from our anniversary trip, but my sister is visiting and I just don't want to take the time to add pictures and tell you everything I learned while riding on the back of a motorcycle for 1500+ miles right now!

However, I had to sit and tell you a story about tonight. It is a story that even though you may not be connected to, will give you goosebumps and make you want to start singing Awesome God (the old version by Rich Mullins), even though that song has bugged you forever!

Friend A called me on Tuesday to tell me that she was leaving her husband. (Is it weird that I call her friend A, cuz I don't do that in real life?) Shock...I wanted to reach through the phone and shake some sense into her. Love...I could hear the hurt and I wanted to reach through the phone and hug her! But because of the miles between us, I could only tell her I loved her and pray...and pray...and pray.

The next morning, I decided that keeping what she had told me to myself was not the right option. I started making phone calls. I called our circle of friends...really we are family...and told them to pray. I called people I trusted...and told them to pray. We kept the lines to God working hard that day. One of my friends described to me how usually when she says she will pray for someone, she'll pray two or three times and then sort of forget about them, but that she just couldn't stop praying for Friend A.

One of the people I called was Friend B. Friend B and I haven't chatted in close to a year, but she is the kind of person that has amazing faith and can pray like no one else can. She was someone I needed to be on her knees for this marriage. Together we prayed and cried on the phone together. Both of us wanting to get in our cars immediately and show up on Friend A's doorstep. But both of us lived too far away. One of the things that we specifically prayed for was that God would work a miracle...that He would get Friend A's attention...that she would have her own "Damascus road experience".

Well, Friend A decided she would go and live with her parents. But Friend A's family wouldn't allow that to take place. Instead they told her she could just come and visit for a week. MIRACLE #1

So, this evening, Friend A started driving to her parents. Along the road, she stopped at a rest area to go potty. (Since we have given birth to children, we mommys must do this very often!!!) As she is walking out of the stall, who does she see?

Friend B's young children!

Yup!!! Friend B and her family were going on vacation. They just happened to be driving that night...on the same road...and the same rest area...AT THE SAME TIME!!!!


Oh how I wish I could have seen their faces!

I have goose bumps just writing that out right now!

God was jumping up and down in heaven, singing, "See what I can do!", "See how much I love you!", "See how important I think your lives, your marriage, your children are!"

These two friends were able to talk, to pray, to touch! And what was supposed to be a quick potty stop for both parties, turned into a par-tay!

Angels were rejoicing!


Friend A had her own "Damascus road"...err..."Interstate experience." Hallelujah!

Friend B saw a miracle...saw prayer answered...saw God grant the desire of her heart to see and touch Friend A. All-powerful, Lord!

Other friends involved saw prayer answered...rejoiced and spread the word...despite the late hour. Praise you, Jesus!

Others of us were reminded just how much God much He knows our needs...our hurts...and how He can heal. Yeah, God!

This is not the end of the story. There will be more to tell. But this is just a peek into a modern day miracle.

There is no such thing as coincidence. This story ranks off the charts in probability.

Our God is an awesome God. He reigns in Heaven above with wisdom, power, and might! Our God is an awesome God!


Deanne said...

Awesome!!! I just love our God!

Anonymous said...

That just brings tears to my eyes! How amazing God is!!!

Carrie S

terri said...

that is awesome, jen. i love when HE provides just what we need in ways we don't expect! thanks for sharing. :)

Deedee said...

WOW!!!! That is sooo cool! Thanks for sharing. - Deedee

Deedee said...

BTW - say hi to Juliet for me! I haven't seen her in YEARS, actually since she was a tiny thing after you guys picked me up from the train station after my trip to England! How is that for a blast from the past, huh? Have a great visit!

jenn@myderbe said...

This makes me cry! What a wonderful God we serve!