Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today I unpacked the vat o' Q-tips that I bought at Coscto last week only to discover that I had 3/4 of a vat in the cupboard. Oh well, we'll have clean ears for a while and now for punishment, I can have the kids clean the air vents with a Q-tip. mwahahaha!


Jessica Brakke said...

As your child I would be very angry reading this haha. I hate cleaning vents with a swifter duster, let alone a Q-tip. =)
If you would like help with tearing down your wallpaper in you kitchen I would love to help. I get out of school at 1:50 so I have very free afternnons. And really I don't mind it, it is very stress realiving.
Maybe one of these days I will get off my lazy butt and walk over. I just have not had the ambitions to do so. Warm couch/blanket vs. Walking in cold.....hmmmmm I wonder which it will be.

Deedee said...

You crack me up girl!! :o) I guess that means this trip to Costco was less, uh, 'eventful' than the last trip was?? (ie. no eaten receipts, etc)Have a great weekend my friend!