Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Brothers Visit

My brothers, Josh & Jon came to visit us for almost two weeks. It was neat to be able to spend some time with them. We did several things, but unfortunately I misplaced my camera several days. This is what I did get documented!

We took them out to the ranch one day so they could experience the "big sky" and fresh air.

Josh got to open a gate...and get caught on some barbed wire. Morgan loves spending time on the tractor with grandpa.
Okay, both girls like to be on the tractor!
Jeffrey tests my patience daily. While this is not the best picture of him, it is one of his many faces. This one I will call the shrek face - lol.
Josh learned to ride the motorcycle and shot some clay pigeons - actually caught the edge of one.

Jon tried the shot gun as well. He decided it was too heavy and too loud. He said his favorite part of the visit was riding the 4-wheelers.

That is Jarrett's favorite part too.

Meredith even got to try a solo run this time. She did awesome and mommy held her breathe the whole time.
The whole gang. Our family, Josh and Jon, and Mikalah's friend Malia.

We also checked on the cows. It is calving season and there were lots of babies - this one was less than six hours old!
I have so much sympathy for this momma!!!

And we checked on the horses.

And fixed a tractor.

And played with the dogs. I think Morgan would love to live out here!

A day of fun!!!
So, missing my camera for a few days, we skip ahead to Easter.
Josh helped filled eggs for the great hunt.
Jarrett's goofy look.

This girly just doesn't take bad pictures.

Dying eggs is such a fun tradition. And thankfully our kids like eating the hard boiled eggs, cuz neither Mike nor I can stand them!! Jon said he didn't remember ever dying eggs. So he dyed one - I couldn't talk him into any more. Must not have been that much fun for a 22 year old!

My girls...I love them all...

And then I lost my camera again. I think it needs a permanent home!

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