Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Driving and other Stressful Situations

I'm thinking I should write a book with that title! It is no surprise that I do not like the winter. I would far rather be laying poolside toasting my skin in 100 degree temperatures than layering clothing until I feel like a marshmallow and attempting to find lost gloves daily.

This past weekend, Billings received a bunch of snow. Really no one knows how much, so we'll just define it as a "butt-load". I really couldn't define how much that is, but I know it would be less if I hadn't given birth to six children!

The city of Billings has done a stellar job of plowing the main roads. Those roads are almost bare, dry pavement now. The side roads, however, are a different story. They are deep ruts of snow with a layer of ice underneath.

My large van really isn't the greatest in the snow, but it does okay. However, in the past three days I have gotten stuck - so stuck that people had to either push or tow my van out of it's stuck place. Six times in three days! I have learned several techniques for getting unstuck. I have done the research, and I will tell you that the best solution so far is a tow rope and another vehicle. Digging out around the tire, moving forward and backward, throwing down salt or kitty-liter - all possible options, but the tow rope - it is the least stressful. My shoulders can testify to that.

So, I'm thinking a letter to the city asking why streets surrounding schools are not plowed might be in order. Then maybe another one to the school superintendent questioning why school is in session when it is unsafe to travel. And for good measure, how about a letter to the news station asking them to investigate the city's policy on snow removal and to point out how ridiculous it is.

I hope they don't mind hand-written letters since I am stuck on a side street in the snow.


Big Sky Grandma said...

I love this post! Needless to say, I have been avoiding Billings for the past few days. Only fifty miles to the north is "balmy" Roundup where we ONLY have about 10 inches that need to melt.

Deedee said...

I will AMEN that post Jen! I'm sitting here in a country that comes to a standstill when we get 2 inches of snow and I'm measuring almost 20 inches on my back deck!!!!

The government doesnt' even own plows here! They only 'salt' the roads prior to any icy or snowy weather. You can imagine how affective a little 'salt' has been against 20 inches!!

The buses are all stopped, so are the trains, schools are closed until further notice and shops in walking distance (which are few) look like the locust have landed! I dont' think there is a loaf of bread or drop of milk within 10 miles of us.

I love the snow actually but my suggestion here is - just don't move! Snuggle up on the sofa with the Waltons and a cup of cocoa! That's what I'm doing today! LOL! :o) Love ya!

Trish D said...

Wait, did you just use the word "butt" in a non-bread situation? :) (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Billings really is awful with their plowing, and I always hated driving after major snow (especially after a day of melting, then a night of refreezing). Stay safe!