Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pity Party...Guests Welcome

That's right, I'm throwing a pity party. For the last week it has snowed off and on and I am tired of it. Here are the reasons for my pity party:
  1. Two weeks ago it was 75
  2. It is Spring
  3. I was wearing sandals
  4. My toes were pretty
  5. I switched Fall/Winter clothes for Spring/Summer clothes - for everyone!
  6. Then came the snow
  7. Friday night we got 11.5 inches
  8. Monday we got two more
  9. And tonight another inch
  10. I'm tired of bundling up my children and locating mittens and hats
  11. My daffodils and tulips I'm sure are smothered
  12. I'm tired of wet, smelly dog!

    Okay, that was fun, I hope you enjoyed my short (and definitely not sweet) pity party. Now we must celebrate all of this yuck, I mean beauty.

  1. Montana is in desperate need of moisture.
  2. Thanks to the rain, the snow disappeared between each episode.
  3. The trees do look beautiful covered in the white stuff.
  4. I was able to buy a couple of sweaters on clearance (80%off!) and wear them immediately (gotta love instant gratification).
  5. Because I'm wearing pants, I don't really have to shave my legs every day.
  6. We've had yummy soup a couple of nights for dinner.
  7. I've gone to Starbucks - to warm up!
  8. There's no reason to pay for a car wash.
  9. I've saved on gas because I don't want to go anywhere.
  10. I'm baking cookies to make the house warmer. (Okay so that's a really bad excuse!)
  11. I don't have to get out and do yard work quite yet.
  12. it will come to an end - Sunday is going to be sunny and 60!

Note: My husband usually tells me, "Pity threw a party and nobody came!"


Chris said...

Every once in a while a pity party feels good, or if not good then cathartic. Glad you were your usual self and included the silver lining.

becca said...

Tee hee, I am secretly dreading having to start shaving more often. Definitely a winter perk. Wish I had pretty toes!