Wednesday, April 18, 2007

4-wheeling Fun & Fright

On Monday we decided our school kids would benefit from a science and history lesson out on Grandpa's Ranch. What we discovered was more of a Physics lesson. Mike's sister, Nicole and her husband were in town on their Spring Break, so we had a mini-family reunion. We roasted hot dogs on a camp fire and Mike's uncles (Thomas & David) told us stories about moving sheep and equipment when they were younger (that's the history part). Then everyone mounted up and went to help move cattle from one pasture to another. It was a beautiful day, clear and 70+ with just a little bit of wind.

Morgan, Carrie, and Jeffrey back from picking willows to roast hot dogs on!Grandpa and JJ on the motorcycle. Yes, we use motorcycles instead of horses. Cheaper, faster and easier to maintain, but not as romantic!

Uncle Tim and first time on a motorcycle. What every student getting his doctorate from Yale in Philosophy (huh?) should do on their Spring Break.
Meredith and her Aunt Nicole (because she doesn't want to share!)Mikalah, and yes, that is a motorcycle and yes, she did ride it. Things that make a mother proud!
This is Judson before. He does great driving the 4-wheeler and gives his siblings rides just beautifully. However, on their 5-mile ride, he dropped into a rut and flipped the 4-wheeler. Thankfully he is fine and Mommy was not there to witness the incident. He did "dent" a bone in his arm. That would be the technical, medical term. The doctor said it's kind-of like an aluminum can. It's dented, but it'll pop back in a few weeks. Until then, Judson is wearing a brace and not doing anything that hurts his arm - like washing dishes, making his bed, putting clothes away in his room...however, playing baseball apparently doesn't hurt! Life with a boy!


Heasleye said...

Looks like great fun! Glad everyone's OK! :) Hard to believe Mikalah is riding motorcycles...we still remember her sitting on the table at McDonald's on our drive north, wrapped around a huge soda cup, trying to drink from the straw (at 3 months of age)! Hehehe :) I'm sure I still have the picture somewhere. By the way, we'll be driving that same route south next week...heading to CA!

Trish D said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun!! Glad that Judson's injury is relatively minor (and that you were spared the trauma of actually witnessing the event!)

Chris said...

Hopefully Judson will be back to his normal dish-washing, bed-making, baseball-playing self again very quickly.

Chris said...
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becca said...

Looks like fun! You're such a cool Mommy to let them do that. I plan to, but I think it'll be harder once he's actually old enough! Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Well that sounds like fun (except of course for the arm denting part). I love family get togethers out on the ranch, telling stories and roasting hot dogs. Fun, fun. :)