Friday, June 22, 2007

The Black Hole

"You can't have everything. Where would you put it?"
— Steven Wright

Why don't I live by this? I throw A LOT of stuff away, but it seems to keep piling up. And where do you put it? In my master bedroom, the kitchen counter, the garage, or...I can't believe I am about to admit the corner of the basement. I have this odd corner in the kids playroom. It's only 3x5, but it can hold a lot! I put their easel (a toy my kids really never use, but I could resist buying) in front of the little section. Behind there is The Black Hole. If you are missing something, chances are I "cleaned up" before people came over and stashed it there. This phenomenon I claim came from my mother. When I was younger and people were coming over, she would pick everything up, put it in a paper grocery sack and put it in the garage. It looked neat, but the paper sack was quickly forgotten and months later, you could find ten or more sacks in the garage. Obviously we could live without whatever was in them. The Black Hole is the same way. I should have a goal to clean it out, but really what is the motivation?


Shan said...

Can I use YOUR black hole to get rid of the laundry basket full of stuff from MY counter?!!! Then I would not feel quite so guilty about not sorting it! Yeah for the black hole!

Chris said...

Moving helps. I thought I got rid of bunches of stuff when we were getting ready to leave Indy. Got rid of more when we moved to the apartment, and now there's even more on its way out after moving into the house. Maybe this is why we move so much. Josh's secret scheme to keep the house from becoming too cluttered.