Thursday, June 14, 2007

Only in Texas?

Are we crazy? Well, maybe a little. We drove to San Antonio and back with six kids. The drive down took almost three days mainly because Muffy thought every 45 minutes would be a good time to stop and go to the bathroom. Now imagine if you will the Wyoming countryside, or the West Texas landscape. THERE ARE NO BATHROOMS! There are MILES between exits. Needless to say when a four year old says, crying, "I have to go to the bathroom now!" You pull over. At one stop (a truck stop) I took Muffy into the bathroom. Let me give you our conversation:

Lady in bathroom: Are all those kids yours?

Me: (wondering how she means this) Yes, they sure are!

Lady # 2: They are adorable and so well behaved!

Me: Thank you!

At this point I'm feel pretty proud of myself, so in order to keep up that "perfect mommy" image I start a conversation with Muffy.

Me: Muffy, you are being such a good girl. Are you having fun on our trip?

Muffy: YES!

Me: What is your favorite part of our trip?

Muffy: (thinking for less than a second) When daddy took off my pants and my panties and I spread my legs really far and peed in the grass!

And there goes the pride. I'm now hurrying out of the bathroom ASAP, we'll use purell in the car, just get out of here before either lady comes out of their stalls!

(SIDE NOTE: even crazier, we made it home in two days - 16 hours on one and 14 on the other. Nobody wants to get back in the car for a while!!)

We spent some great family time - a good chance to be together.

Grandpa and Grandma, the six-pack, and cousin Tyler!

Now for another observation. We discovered some fun things about Texas. I'm not saying they can't be found anywhere else, but these seem unique to Texas for us:
  1. Whataburger: why would you name a food place this???? They are open 24 hours though, so nice for the college student! They are actually all across the south, but seem prolific in Texas.

  2. The Xcelerator hand dryer. this thing is so forceful it'll show you how much fat you have on your hands.

  3. When driving on a two lane highway, Texas drivers will pull onto the shoulder and continue to drive just to allow the person behind them to pass - passing or no passing zone. However, they also expect that you will do the same if they come up fast behind you!

  4. Every podunk town DOES have a DQ and Subway.

  5. Every DQ is inundated with flies!

  6. There is such a thing as a Texas shaped waffle maker. We had Texas shaped belgium waffles on day two. Mike was surprised they didn't have star-shaped butter to put on your waffle - good idea!

  7. We could have purchased nice patio furniture with the texas star in the back of the seats! We've also seen a texas shaped hottub!

  8. When ordering a coke, you will be asked which kind. At which point you can respond: coke, diet, dr.pepper, orange, etc.

  9. Y'all is singular and all y'all is plural (that's just southern)

  10. There are not words to describe this:

Mc Cows


Chris said...

What a fun read! I was wondering who the extra kid was in the family pic. Thought maybe you had #7 & did't have the courage to tell anyone. And I am waiting with dread for the day Donovan first decides to mortify me in public. Made for a great post though!

Deanne said...

I can only imagine how embarrassing that was!!! I can also imagine the laughter of the ladies after you left!!!

McCows....the other brown meat.

Anonymous said...

The bathroom conversation is too funny! Y'ALL gave that little lady a laugh, I'm sure!
And don't you just LOVE Texas?!? There's nothing like it. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the McCows! I have a great photo of Macie and Nate sitting on TOP of Ronald's plaster head but nothing like txas McCows!