Thursday, November 8, 2007

God Made Them Cute So They Would Live

Especially this one.


We tried some potty-training this morning. I really dislike the whole potty training thing. It's messy. It's time comsuming. It's frustrating. In two hours we had gone through seven pairs of underwear. And then we stopped. Tomorrow we'll try again until we run out of underwear. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel because there are only two left.

Don't let her beauty fool you. She can be very sneaky. And whiny. But se's awefully cute when she does it.

And then there is this one. As I type, she has pulled out the file drawer next to me so she can climb up onto the desk and pull apart the post-it notes one-by-one. She is as enamored with office supplies as her mommy.

She loves her candy, too!

And cries when it is gone!

And shakes her head no quite quickly when told to get down.

These are the curls I was telling you about earlier. Not so great picture, but it does show those adorable curls!

And when the mommy is sitting on the floor taking pictures, this is what else she can see. Time to clean under the booster seat!


Deanne said...

Yes, they most certainly are cute for a reason. Survival!

I love the fuzzy pic of your girl shaking her head!!! Oh, and I would have expected there to be more of a mess under the booster seat. Not bad!

terri said...

I HATE POTTY TRAINING!!!!!! I always have thought it would be nice if I could just hire someone to come live with us for a couple of weeks, with the sole purpose of potty training my child. Wouldn't that be great?!?!?!
And, yes, God does make them cute for a reason. :)

Chris said...

I agree completely about the cute thing! We've had the discussion about how the cuter they are the more they need to be to survive. You're in for it, 'cause all of yours are a-dor-a-ble!