Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Musings

I just made Rice Krispie Treats.

For the first time.


Now before you gasp in horror, you must know I do not like a mess of any kind. Making Rice Krispie Treats is messy. But I did it.


Because after being sick for two weeks, I was feeling guilty as a mom. My kids were obviously lacking "mommy time". They are whiny, their clothes don't match, and the consumption of tv and computer is way too high.

So to make up for missing mommy, I'm doing something that I equate with being a good mommy.

I'm making Rice Krispie Treats from scratch. Okay, I did not make my own marshmallows first. I cheated and used ones from the bag. And I used Malt-O-Meal Crispy Rice instead of real Rice Krispies.

I said I was feeling guilty, not insane.

But all of this made me realize that first, my image of a good mommy is very warped. And second, it is amazing how quickly Satan can place feelings of guilt in our lives.

My kids are whiny even with lots of "mommy time". And as for their clothes, I could really be proud that they dressed themselves. The tv and computer time we can work on. But that is not what defines me as a mommy!

As for the Rice Krispie Treats (don't you know there are not enough sweets in this house being right after Halloween!), just how do you firmly press them into the pan when they stick to everything??? even if it is greased?


Anonymous said...

To get the rice krispie treats pressed into the pan, save the wrapper from the butter sticks you used in the recipe and push them down with that - then the pan is greased and the paper is greased (or grease some wax paper and use that). That's how my grandma taught me to do it. :)

Deanne said...

I made rice crispy treats for the first time this past Valentines Day. It's so easy, why didn't I do it sooner? Oh yeah, 'cause they're sure not good for ya! I put food coloring in the heated marshmellows to make them pink for the occassion (later I did blue then green), that was fun!

Deedee said...

I can't believe you never made these before! And they have nothing to do with 'good Mommy' ratings either!! LOL! I havent' made them in a while though and I think I have everything in so.....I feel a batch of krispie squares coming up today!! We have guests for lunch tomorrow and that sounds like a great desert to share! Thanks for the reminder. ;o)

Trish D said...

The best tip I ever got was to wet my hands before pressing the goods down into the pan. Much less messy endeavor, plus if you use cold water you don't mind the hot butter/marshmallow mess quite so much :)

jenn@myderbe said...

I spray my spoon or spatula with Pam (or the generic equivalent) and then press down with that.

These are my husband's favorites, so I make them a few times a year.

Chris said...

I spray my hands with baking spray or get a little butter or shortening on them before I press the krispies down into the pan. Congrats on your first krispy-treats. You're a fabulous mommy!