Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fast Photo Wednesday

because if I waited for "Foto Friday", while in keeping with my mis-spelling, and over use of commas, it would also be procrastination and you might never see pictures!

The two year old enthusiastic present opener. And drama diva, who knows she is the youngest and fully intends on using that to her advantage!

With so many birthdays, I was trying to find a cake alternative. There is such a thing as too much cake. It's called needing to wear a bathing suit this summer!

The bigger kids created a watermelon on the ceiling out of streamers and balloons. Not the greatest picture, but you get the idea.

In the middle of the month we went to Western Washington State for a Pastor & Wives Conference. Anne Graham Lotz (Billy's daughter) spoke and that was amazing. The drive was killer (13 hours/670 miles) especially since we drove out on Thursday and home on Saturday. We did however stay ahead of the gas price change and never paid over $3.59 - until we got home. This was the highlight of the trip for the kids!

Continuing our backwards look at the month of May, this was Meredith's flower birthday. I was obviously too busy with little girls to take many more picture than that. (Note to self: designate a photographer for next party!)
Track. That is what has kept us busy this month. Next week the kids have a track meet and I should have better pictures of them then.
Mikalah completed Jr. Girl Scouts and "bridged" to Cadets.
There you have it, my month (so far) in pictures.
Now back to enjoying the first day of sun in a week! Bring on the Vitamin D!


Deanne said...

Love the watermelon cake! Very creative. Hey, I'd rather have me some watermelon on my birthday anyway! :)

Chris said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for the update! I think the "watermelon" on the ceiling was super fun & creative! We are off to pizza Costco today to do our weekly grocery shopping & to save our pics from the flash cards onto CD so we can take more pics. Call me!

Pat said...

Hey Jenn ... I think you should tell the WORLD that you have decided to have TWO tonsillectomies (sp?) in ONE day. That should get you quite a few comments, I should think!

See you at Red Robin at 11 AM for Jarrett's birthday bash ... MOM