Thursday, July 3, 2008

Photo Catch-up

Okay, since the last picture round-up ended at Morgan's birthday, so we'll pick up three days later with Jarrett's birthday. Although that now seems like months ago!!!

His choice was Red Robin, so we decided to make it a family party at the restaurant. He opened presents which included the necessary boring shirt from his parents...
...but also the more exciting XBOX game to go with the system that his Uncle Josh sent for the family.
Again we were able to forgo cake and instead had this and Mountain High Mud Pie. I think the calorie count was a wash.
Mike captured some great pictures of the kids...and the ad for the Red Stripe Beer!
Most of our May was spent at track. Mikalah, Judson, and Jarrett all participated and the other three did a lot of running around in the grass and dirt piles.
Judson's favorite event was discus. His best throw for the track meet was 52+ feet. His coach said he had great form and he should seep with it and be awesome in high school. that was great encouragement especially since track replaced baseball season.

Jarrett competed in the long jump.

Lovingly renamed the short jump.
And so did Mikalah.

Mikalah also really enjoyed the hurdles.

I love that she does it with style and a smile.

Lots of running and running and more running.
Although I think this picture best captures how involved our kids were.
Mikalah listening intently, Jarrett playing.
This is something new Jarrett learned. I think he taught himself, but it is just so unnatural.
I mean really, how?...why?
Next birthday was mine and we won't talk too much except to say I think I'm getting old. I asked for oatmeal for breakfast and a toothbrush as a present. Thankfully Mike saved me and took me to dinner and disco bowling with some friends! (Notice how I cleverly posted the picture of me behind the box - yeah, this was before a shower in the morning!)
For Judson and Jarrett's birthdays, we told them they could each pick one friend to take to our local game park.

One handsome dude! I'm preparing myself now to fight off the girls!
How many goofy boys does it take to get the ball in the whole?
Okay - so this is just wrong, but too cute not to include! He is just getting so big!
Speaking of big, Morgan moved into her "big girl bed".
She loved it and I love it because she looks so little in that big bed!

Present from the grandparents - a Wii. I know does one family really need two game systems? With six kids and their friends...YES!!! I love the Wii, because even the little ones can play. Meredith is our bowling champion. She beat Daddy last week!
Mike had a birthday - with no pictures. I love him, he's a handsome guy, but not picture cute! :) Okay really, I just forgot. But for Father's Day - the next day - after church we went for Chinese food. Really small children and eating out at nap time is not a good combination. The kids did really well, but the five minute ride home was too much for Morgan.So there you have our last bit in pictures. We did not have two kids have tonsillectomies, but we will in the next few months. They were rescheduled due to an insurance mix-up. I am thankful, though. I had cleared our schedule for these two weeks so that they could recover. Now we are just having lazy days of summer and lots of FUN!!!!


Deedee said...

Wow! That is one catch up alright! LOL! Of course my favorite is the last one.......reminds me of a certain little Jenny I once knew.............. :o)

Heasleye said...

Wow! What a great collection of shots! It's always fun to see your family.

I'm glad you're catching a bit of a break in schedule (without the tonsil stuff!).

Chris said...

Thanks for the update and fun photos! I love the pic you closed with. So whimsical.

becca said...

Is that last one at your church? My MIL's church has a shoot like that they send the kids down. So fun. Love the naked pic and the contortionist pics! Thanks for sharing so much! What a great family you are!