Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'll Be Your Helper...

Today I was caring for three extra children for my wonderful friend, Jill, who had her tonsils removed last Wednesday. I have not told her all of Mike's story of when he had his tonsils out. It was not pretty - actually ended up with three surgeries. Also, we do not recommend having your deviated septum repaired at the same time. Would have been fine, but was uncomfortable.

Okay, rabbit trail...

So while three extra kids may sound like a lot...making nine in my really is quieter and less work. They all play together so well that they pretty much disappear and reappear when they want food. For a fun activity, Kyle, Jill's husband, got some free tickets to Disney Playhouse Live. Because of schedules, that would mean that I would be taking five children to see an overly enthusiastic event by myself. Thankfully Kyle rescued me and came with us.

As we were driving there, I was doling out instructions...

"We will go to the bathroom when we get there, and everyone will stay together."

"We will not buy snacks"

"We will not buy drinks"

"We will not buy souvenirs"

"We will have fun"

Doesn't that sound like fun?

I also told the kids that they needed to be big helpers and stay with their the buddy system. Here is the rest of our conversation...

Brittany: "Miss Jennifer, I'm the oldest of all the kids. I'll be your helper."

Taryn: "I'm the next oldest, I'll be your helper too."

Meredith: "I won't."

Great, thanks Meredith. Good thing you let me know ahead of time.
And this is why Jill takes the pictures and not me...

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E Jill Riley said...

Thanks for taking them! And MIKE told me all the horror stories before i had surgery. I'll be sure and thank him for that some day.