Tuesday, February 10, 2009


In a house like ours, we do laundry 'round the clock. I have helped other people get a handle on their laundry with a schedule, but myself...nothing. If I walk by the washing machine and it is not running, I start another load. Clean, folded clothes tend to pile up in bedrooms, waiting to be put away. The putting away part is my least favorite. Otherwise, I really enjoy laundry. It is something I can finish in a short amount of time...except that it is never really done.

So today, I am doing little girls laundry, because it seems that they are running out of underwear. I was baffled by that because I just did their laundry last Wednesday. They should have had enough. As I sorted the laundry, and found the muddy pants that should have been washed on Saturday, and the spaghetti shirt that I should have sprayed as soon as it came off sweet Morgan's body, I found the clean clothes. Yes, It seems that my littlest helper (on who is willing to help!) took clean clothes out of her drawer...where I had actually put them...and put them still folded into her dirty laundry basket. If they hadn't been at the bottom underneath all the dirty ones, I probably would have just put them back in the drawer. However, I am now washing "clean" clothes. This does not sound very productive!

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