Friday, July 17, 2009

Number 300!

Wow, that kind of shocks me...especially considering I can completely ignore this blog for weeks at a time!

Well, I have started something else to distract me from this blog...another blog.

I know, crazy, but this one has another purpose.

I have long since realized that I am not a photographer. I have many friends that take AMAZING photos. Some of them have picture-a-day blogs or sites. While they are fabulous, that is not my goal. I like that they take pictures of me and my family!

What I hope to accomplish with this new blog is two things.
  1. I want to document what happens in my family. I realize that there are really months...missing from our photo library. And what little pictures there are are locked on my computer. Many things in my life that I am trying to improve (reading my Bible, exercising, eating right, cleaning my house) are things that require me to work at them day by day. This is no different.
  2. Many days I struggle to ENJOY my family. They are a lot of work! I have felt like God was encouraging me to ENJOY them for several months and I just didn't know how to. I hope that by taking more pictures I will be able to see some of the enjoyment. That even those pouty faces really are sweet.

So this new blog is my version of a picture-a-day. Since I am afraid of failure, it is very scary to announce this project. I don't want to get to day 16 and discover that I forgot 13, 14, & 15! So there may be many late night last minute pictures of sleeping children...but they are definitely sweet then!!

So I am on day three and you can see it is already challenging...but I am having fun.

Check it out and let me know what you think...and if you have any other suggestions for ENJOYING your family.


terri said...

I went to the new blog from your facebook and wondered if you were switching over or what!
But now I see...and what a FUN idea to do a picture a day memory!!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I have to tell you that MANY times I have looked at a horrid mess my child just made and instead of flipping out, I grab my camera and start blogging in my head.

My blog has saved my children's hides more than once!! Seeing it from someone else's eyes, as "blog grist", does make them look cute and little (which they are) instead of incredibly annoying (which they also are - and I know I can say that honestly to another mom of many!)