Thursday, July 2, 2009

Polish Boy

Tuesday we did major shopping at...of course...Costco. The nectarines and cherries are BEAUTIFUL and so delicious right now!!! I was going to start telling you what special finds I get at Costco, but this was truly a "stock-the-shelves" trip. However, there was Dove shampoo on sale for $4.97 with a free conditioner included. Gotta watch those prices that end in $0.97. Those are the lowest price that Costco will offer. There's my tip of the day.

However, my favorite part of the trip was lunch...and not just the hundreds of samples. Otherwise lunch would have been bread, pina colada sherbet, chips and salsa, ham, black licorice, hummus on a chip, and salad. I guess you could probably call that a well rounded meal.

But, no. our lunch was eight polish sausages for $1.50 a piece and each comes with a drink. Can't beat lunch for the family for $12! Mike got sauerkraut on his polish dog. Jeffrey in a loud voice in the middle of a huge lunch crowd whines, "I want sauercrap too!" Priceless!


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Deedee said...

We just became 'Executive Members' so we will get enough back each year to pay for our membership! Scary how much we spend in there. LOL! Sadly they don't do the sauer......stuff at our Costco. Only pizza, hotdogs, and baked potatos. But it is still great to go there with all our gang and get dinner for under £10. Whoo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

I just love you...that's all I have to say :) :)

Carrie S

Chris said...

Gotta love lunch @ Costco. We did that yesterday. Missing you!