Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010

I say hello today, because the kids just went back to school. So now is the official start of the year. And the official start of resolutions. Do you make new year's resolutions? I do. I'm a sucker for them. Growing up I made them and I still do. The usual: exercise more, read more, eat less dessert...and my favorite, remember everyone's birthdays and anniversaries. Every year over Christmas vacation I fill in my new calendar with all the important dates. I organize my cards and I start sending them. I usually do pretty good until the end of February. So if your birthday is in October, you are out of luck! Thankfully the invention of Facebook has made keeping that resolution easier. But there is still something about getting a card in the mail as opposed to a Facebook, "Happy Birthday - hope you have a great day!" [Submit] Just not as personal...I'm just saying.

So this year, my resolutions aren't that different from previous years...
1. journal what I eat and eat less sugar and more veggies
2. read my bible every day
3. be organized about cleaning my house
4. meal planning and prep
5. exercise three days a week
6. blog more often
7. remember birthdays and anniversaries with cards

Seven...because it is the number of perfection.
1. already have the notebook for this year and ate oatmeal for breakfast
2. one day behind already
3. making a plan today
4. ditto
5. tomorrow
6. yipee
7. missed my aunt and uncles anniversary yesterday - belated card from the store today

Ahhh, well, I'm in for the long haul this year, not the perfection of everyday only to fail come mid-Jan.

oh, and my picture a day site - I want to get back to that...I miss that. Maybe I'll cross off the exercise so I still only have seven! :-)


Becca said...

I have so many resolutions I've lost track of them all. I'm sticking with not going to WalMart and keeping up with the FlyLady as my main two. But there's others for sure. I used to protest against resolutions, but I have too much to aspire to anymore. If only the exercise thing was more fun....

Deedee said...

My Birthday is next week! Guess I stand a chance huh? :o) LOL! Happy New Year Jen! - Deb