Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Night Owl

Years ago I can remember being at one of those home parties where you sit in a circle with a bunch of ladies, eating yummy food and all looking for something to buy to help the hostess earn some free stuff - you know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, the hostess was what I would describe as a super woman. She was a mother of four, crafty, always doing for others, had a clean house, cute figure, loving personality. Somehow in the conversation it came up that she doesn't go to bed until 3am because she stayed up cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, etc.

The rest of us were in shock and proceeded to tell her that she couldn't maintain something like that. That eventually she was going to burn out. Another girlfriend and I talked about it later. We could see the wear and tear that it put on her.

That conversation came screaming into my mind this evening (this morning) because this is the fifth night that I have not been in bed before 2am. Most of the time is spent doing emails or projects or reading, but I have also been cleaning and doing laundry and doing dishes.

I know I can not maintain this routine. I am ready for a change in schedule. MOPS Convention, family reunion, camping (yes, I failed to avoid that this summer), visitors and SCHOOL! Hopefully these will turn my routine upside down and back to something more reasonable. If you see another post at 2am, call me on it and tell me to go to bed!!!


Deedee said...

I'll happily send you off to bed my friend. Although.......I could be accused of being a pot calling a kettle black! LOL! I've been up crazy late and unable to get to sleep for ages now. *sigh* hope it changes soon. - Deb

Amber said...

I've been keeping the same bedtime (10 pm), but getting up earlier and earlier (4:30-5am) to get things accomplished. Thus, my sleep time is getting shortened and it's starting to take its toll! But it has also been harder to go to bed at 10 because it's still light until 11:15 and the kids aren't getting to bed until 9! But I don't have a cute figure or a clean house! ;)

Deanne said...

Oh my're right, you can't maintain that kind of schedule (and who wants to?). My husband has been gone for a week and a half and I've not gotten to bed before 11:30, most of the time it's been after 12:00, and boy do I feel it in the morning!!! Can't wait for my man to return so I can have my evening routine back. :)