Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Music: Football

It is Labor Day, and while I was raised that that meant LABOR, like clean out the garage, or do lots of yardwork, in Mike and my creation of a family that means FOOTBALL!

We love the start of the football season. There is the NFL...there is Little Guy Football...and then there is fantasy football with its live draft. Each year Yellowstone Church hosts a fantasy football league. Each year I learn a little more about how the fantasy game is year I even won!

This year I am more focused on Judson playing and today was his first practice. i know when he gets home he will want a small amount of food (really I thought he would want to eat more) a shower and then BED!!! He will be asleep before I can count to 10. It is going to be a great football season! Go Colts...Go Dolphins...Go Ivy Six-Pack (for the six kids incase you were wondering)!!!


Deedee said...

Hiya Jen! Have fun with football season. I actually miss football. I will be in the states just before the superbowl this year again - what fun!

Want a giggle? Monkey was asking about arranged marriages yesterday - wanted to know how they had worked in history and why. Then he wanted to know who I would arrange for him to marry if I was going to do that!

He got quite specific in his requests. She had to be American! She had to be close to his age at 8 years of age. Of course she had to be a Christian and the child of someone I knew. Well.....I don't have many friends in either country with a girl about that age so I was really struggling - till I thought of Meredith!! LOL!

The good news is she at least made the very short, short list! Hehehe! I even had to get on your blog to show him pictures of her. He isn't sure yet though, so if you have any really good pictures of her you could send them to 'seal' the deal if you like. :o) (Just kidding obviously!) Thought you'ld get a kick out of that one though! Love ya' - Deb

Ivymamma said...

I love it! Sometimes I wish we had arranged marriages too, but then I would have never married my wonderful hubby! :-)