Saturday, June 4, 2011

First Day of Summer Vacation

It seems there are a few things consistent about the first day of Summer Vacation:

  1. The sun is always bright and shining...especially at 5:30am

  2. Children seem to forget that they can sleep in.

  3. The mommy has all sorts of plans and can't understand why no one else is excited about cleaning the garage

  4. The daddy always makes breakfast...or second breakfast since some people have been awake since 5:35am

  5. No one is fully dressed before noon.

  6. The kids start asking when we are going to set up the pool...every hour...starting at 5:45am


Athena said...

Let me know when the pool is up, I will send over some extra children ;0)

Happy Birthday!!

Ivymamma said...

Not setting up the pool - so sorry! But you can still send extra children over :-)