Saturday, June 11, 2011

Things I missed for my Birthday

  1. my family - they live too far away!

  2. Costco cake, but the frozen yogurt was yummy!

  3. my far away friends!

  4. sleeping in (that's what happens when your birthday falls on a Sunday and you're the pastor's wife!)

  5. a magically clean house

  6. my private beach and fruity drink (okay, so that's really not a birthday necessity, but someday I will spend my birthday on a beach with a yummy drink!)


Deedee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!! I'm so sorry I missed it. I was flying back from Albania that day! (Does that count as a good excuse?) Hope it was a great one despite the lack of Costco cake and beaches. I get the whole lands on a Sunday when you are the pastor's wife thing too - almost not really a birthday now is it? We started celebrating things on the Saturday if they happen on the Sunday. Like Father's Day next Sunday. We have church, followed by a church luncheon, followed by a leadership meeting, followed by my overnight childminding kids coming for the night! Needless to say it won't be much of a Father's Day, so we have declared Saturday (which is completely clear with NO plans at all) to be the official Jenkins Father's Day 2011! Love ya' girl! - Deb

Ivymamma said...

Your trip to Albania sounded amazing, and yes it totally did count!!! We usually celebrate saturdays as well, but I had to work on that saturday, so not so much. Really I think we just have too many birthdays so smooshed together that we start to fizzle out. I am getting a Costco cake for Mike's b-day, just because I can! :-)