Thursday, July 5, 2007

50th post...50 things

  1. I was born in Paterson, NJ.
  2. To a teenage mom.
  3. Then adopted on July 1st - Gotcha Day!
  4. My parents thought Jennifer was an unusual name.
  5. I asked Jesus to live in my heart when I was four.
  6. Kneeling at the "throne" in the bathroom.
  7. I was an only child for 13 years.
  8. I prayed for a brother or a sister every night from the time I was four.
  9. My parents adopted 7 children in the next three years (from Korea & Costa Rica).
  10. I have lived in Virginia, Florida, Nebraska, Texas, Washington, Indiana, and now Montana.
  11. I said I'd never live in Montana.
  12. I went to a private Christian School for grade school.
  13. I skipped the third grade.
  14. I tried out for the cheerleading team in sixth grade.
  15. I didn't make it.
  16. I was home-schooled for junior high.
  17. I remember when the Space Shuttle blew up on lift off.
  18. I was watching Dallas instead of doing my school work.
  19. At junior high camp, the boy I liked said he'd pay me to eat a fly if he caught one.
  20. He caught one.
  21. I ate it.
  22. He never paid me $5.
  23. I ate another one the next week when someone didn't believe that I had the week before.
  24. I took two years to finish 9th grade, because my brother and sister spent a lot of time in the hospital.
  25. I went to public school for high school.
  26. I gave a speech at my high school graduation.
  27. That was my first official speaking engagement.
  28. I was extremely scared!!!
  29. We moved to Texas on my 18th birthday.
  30. Three months later I went to LeTourneau University in Longview, TX.
  31. I majored in Electrical Engineering.
  32. I chose LeTourneau because their male to female ratio was 10:1.
  33. LeTourneau was an old Army hospital.
  34. The woman's dorm was rumored to be the psych ward.
  35. It was also rumored it had a burn time of 7 min.
  36. We weren't allowed to burn candles or leave anything plugged in.
  37. Mike and I met our first day of college.
  38. He dated my roommate (hi Trish!) for six months.
  39. I said I'd never date him.
  40. He grew on me!
  41. We married the summer after our Sophomore year.
  42. We were married in Roundup, MT (yes it is a real place) on August 6, 1994.
  43. We had a horse drawn carriage take us down Main Street from Mike's parents church to the Catholic Church for the reception.
  44. The Catholic Church had air conditioning.
  45. The church we got married in did not!
  46. I was sweating in places I did not know you could sweat!
  47. We honeymooned in Canada.
  48. I saw my first mountain goat.
  49. I didn't get my drivers license until 1 week before my 21st birthday.
  50. They still stamped "UNDER 21" in big red letters on it!

*****For some reason even though I can compose with numbers and preview shows up number, when I actually post it comes up dots - not numbers. Sorry!!


Deanne said...

You chose your college based on the dating ratio??? (gasp!) For shame! Although it looks as though it worked in your favor! *wink* Speaking of your college....did you and Chris attend at the same time, did you know each other then?

Did I do my math right....did you not get your license until AFTER you got married?

What a fun post!

Jenn said...

Yes, as sad and shallow as it is...I did make my final decision based on the ratio and the leniency of their rules. I did not know Chris, but I did not Josh & Jessie. My mom actually remembers J&J as well. I met Chris when they moved to Indy.

And yes, I did not get my license until we had been married for almost a year. I worked on campus and didn't really need to drive. One day Mike showed up at the office and told me I was going to get my license right then. I was really just too scared of failing to ever go and try. He had to force the issue.

Chris said...

But my roomie Becca lived next-door to Jenn & Trish in the WRH the year before I got there. I think I met you before Indy, but I didn't know you at all. And I'm sure we both discovered after arriving at LU that althought e ratio of guys to girls was pretty high, the ratio of datable guys to girls was more like 1:1, maybe less. I still can't imagine getting married as young as you did, or having babies. You picked a great guy, though, and you are two of the best parents I've ever seen.

Jenn said...

You are too sweet! Kids do age you though, and I'm glad we started early, because I sure do feel old!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a fun post. I was almost named Jennifer too, until my cousin got my name 2 weeks before I was born. ate 2 flies?!?!? I bet your boys love hearing that story!
I'm wondering if we ever crossed paths during the college years. I went to ETBU the same years you were at LeTourneau. I went to a few concerts there - maybe Newsboys? And have a lot of friends that went to LeTourneau! Again, small world. :)
Have a great weekend!

Maggie said...

Great 50... I need to do that, but my post could not possibly be that good.