Sunday, July 1, 2007

Gotcha Day

July 1,1974
I was welcomed into my parent's home!
Thank you, Mom & Dad!
I love you!
Thank you to my birth mom for her courage!
I pray you will know that I am grateful.
--- Jenn


Deedee said...

Happy Gotcha Day Jen! I can't quite remember you this small, but just a little bigger. Sorry I missed your birthday earlier this month, I'm still trying to work out if I'm coming, going, or just been! LOL! Still praying for you as you work through your grief. Love ya' girl!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Off topic, but when are the Yenters coming to town?? We keep missing them when they're in MT...

Heasleye said...

What a great thing to a second birthday! I was thinking of you and Mike and Judson with all your birthdays in the first half of June. I think of you every year, whether I tell you or not! :) I hope you all had special days.

Chris said...

Weren't you just precious!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture :)
Gotcha day is awesome!!!

Carrie S

Sorry to hear about Judson!