Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where has all the fruit gone????

Our family has decided to concentrate this summer on healthy eating. Before you start thinking what a noble cause this is, it really stems from the fact that hubby and I have a few more inches than we would/should like to have and the fact that I had fallen into a rut of having ice cream every evening after the kids were in bed. Ice cream was my drink of choice - the more stress the day held...the bigger the bowl of the delectable goodness. Oh I could reason away the calories because I really hadn't sat and eaten lunch (never mind the bag of Doritos I ate throughout the day) or I put berries on top so it was healthy (chocolate covered raspberries really don't count); but when it really came down to it I needed ICA (Ice Cream Anonymous). So as a family (to make it easier) we are eating better. One of the changes is more fruit. You can have a sandwich and some veggies for lunch and if you are still hungry eat some fruit. Well, the summer is a great time for this, because there is LOTS of good fruit. Not your standard apples and oranges and bananas. So last Sunday I went to the store and stocked up. Today is Tuesday - we are out of fruit!!! My kids are inhaling the fruit: watermelon, peaches, raspberries, nectarines, Saturn peaches, bananas, blueberries, and cherries - that is what I did have in my house. So today we made what seems to be a daily trip to Costco for fruit. Today's menu? White flesh peaches and Rainier cherries (sorry, Chris!) and blueberries. We'll see how long they last.

The latest phrase in our house..."Candy is dandy, but fruit makes you poop!" And there is too much truth in that!!!!


Heasleye said...

Love the latest phrase! :) We're going through more fruit too...hitting the farmer's markets two-three times a week. E and I were eating nectarines at lunch and I said, "You know what would make a really yummy desert? Homemade vanilla ice cream with nectarines on top!" :) Hah! We'd better stick to the plain ol' nectarines for now.

Chris said...

I'm trying to do better, too. Send some of those cherries my way! Off to bed I go. Talk to you soon.

Trish D said...

Too funny - I seriously have to ration fruit or our kiddos would eat 15 servings daily! Not good for the hiney :) Their alternative snacking options include peanuts, dry cereal, cheese, and whatever other non-preservative laden stuff was on sale that week!

Deanne said...

The idea is great, but the implementing is the tough part. I love your latest phrase, it's great! :)

btw.....tag, you're it! check out the post I did today for info.