Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where Have I Been?

Mike & I managed to sneak away for a few days and leave these precious kiddos at home with Miss Carrie, Grandma Iverson, Miss Terri and Jessica!
And while the good mom would have missed her kids, I did not! We spent three days in Columbia Falls, MT ALL BY OURSELVES! We went to bed when we wanted to, got up when we wanted to, ate when we wanted to, and did hear a whine, Dora song, or any begging the whole time!We stayed at a golf course, thanks to a timeshare company that wanted our businees. We listened to 90 minutes of what a great vacation program they had for us if we would just sign our money over to them and pay yearly maintanence fees and transfer fees, and we could have luxerious vacations whenever we wanted.
Above is the Inn that we stayed at and below is the view from our balcony.

My very own Tiger!

Even if you weren't a golfer - the view is gorgeous!
The mountains too! :)

Since we've been back life has been a whirlwind. Now I'm preparing to head to Orlando for the MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) Convention. I get to meet up with my awesome friend Shannon and spend four days together. I don't expect a whole lot of sympathy, but I do feel a bit over-whelmed with everything I need to do before I leave.
This is where I'll be staying!!!!
I know you are just full of sympathy for me! I'd take you with me if I could! But since I can't I'll enjoy the peace and quiet and warm sunny weather for you!
Fun umbrella drinks by the pool.........


Chris said...

Give Shan a big hug for me! And no, you are getting absolutely NO sympathy. You are getting the opposite of sympathy. I think you deserve a little stress to make up for a the fun you are going to have without me.

Anonymous said...

Well, good for you to get away with the hubby for a little while. And two trips back to back? Wow. Lucky dog.
Have fun in Orlando. Enjoy your girl time! :)

Trish D said...

Trying really hard not to be jealous - especially because I won't be joining you for any fun umbrella drinks... Maybe next year!

Deanne said...

Wow that all sounds fabulous! I'm really jealous, er, envious, um, happy for you. Yeah, that's it! :)

Have a great time!