Monday, September 17, 2007

My Love-Hate Relationship with Gap

I am forever grateful to my dear friend Chris. Several years ago she took me by the hand and lead me into the Gap. I was afraid. Only trendy people shopped there. I was a mom of many children. They played music I didn't know and the people dressed so cute in their size two pants! I just did not belong. Like the Sesame Street song, "One of these things is not like the other..." But Chris helped me buy a pair of jeans and a purple t-shirt that quickly became favorites. I'd always loved the kids department and especially their sale rack, but now I could shop there too! But then styles changed. They didn't carry my favorite jeans anymore. And I became the scared little girl that couldn't ask for help again. Then I got mad. How dare they change their styles! I want my favorite jeans again! Jump forward a year or two and I got brave again and found this pair of jeans!

This is their Long & Lean. I loved how "long & lean" they made my legs look. And for this 5'3.75" girl, that was exciting. Oh how I loved Gap again. Today I went to buy another pair for my upcoming trip. The first pair I bought I ripped a hole in the knee while we were at the ranch back in August. What should I discover? They changed, again. Why oh why? Must we endure more torture. Must we search for the perfect jean again? Oh they still carry the Long & Lean, but in a light wash (who really looks good in a light wash jean?) or in their vintage wash. That's another name for looks really dirty! I don't like dirt and messes, so why should I wear something that looks dirty!!! What brilliant person thought, "I know, let's add dye and rip up these jeans so they look like they should be thrown out. Then everybody will want them!" I understand the lived in look. Not everybody likes the cowboy, brand-new, crisp, dark denim look. But boy do those cowboys look handsome! But must they be destroyed? And dirty? Why dirty? What must their mother think. She is hiding her face in shame!

But Gap redeemed itself with a new style...

This one is called "essentials". I love the way they fit; I love the way they feel; & I love the way they look! They are dark and CLEAN. They don't come up to my belly button, but they aren't too low either. There is really nothing "fancy" to them. They are just a good fit with a classy line. They should do great with a heal or a flat. They do not fall into the cheap category, but a great pair of jeans is worth it! (At least they're not $200, Pam!) I also found a pair at TJMaxx that are very similar by DKNY. They don't fit the same, but they are a good second pair, and they were only $29.99. Worth the compromise.

I know how hard a good pair of jeans can be to find. So after trying on 30 pairs of jeans today, I'm glad Gap is still my friend!


Deanne said...

I just went jean shopping last weekend. I usually go to Old Navy. They USED to carry my favorite jeans. Now they don't. Now I have to compromise and get something that isn't quite what I want. I should look at Gap, maybe they have something more Me?! Thanks for the tip!

Glad you found some fab jeans to help make your trip more enjoyable! :)

E Jill Riley said...

Yuck. Hate jean shopping. What happened to stretchy stirrup pants - one shape fits all. Well, not really, but they used to fit me, they were cheap, and I have fond memories of them. Jeans are brutal.

kim said...

Thanks for the jeans review. I need new jeans for Fall, and as a mom of two, I don't have a lot of time to look around in different places. I hate the dirty look for jeans, too.

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