Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Went To The Market...

When we have periods of time where the kids have to sit still, we play "thinking" games. Like "I spy with my little my little eye, something that". Another one we play is, "I went to the market and bought something...white".

Well, that game has morphed a bit. My kids don't really know what a "market" is. So it became "I went to the grocery store"...then "I went to Costco"...then "I went to Mall of America."

Mind you one can not buy tires (something black) at Mall of America, but for my children it seems that when you can't buy something at Costco the only next logical place to look for it is at the Mall of America.

So, yesterday we were sitting in the car, and being tired of the bickering, I started "I went to the market and bought something blue". Thinking I could trick the big kids, my item was a milk chocolate Lindt ball...they come wrapped in a blue wrapper. Are you beginning to catch on to how warped our little game can get?

After a few minutes, everyone gave up, and it was Judson's turn. We used to play that if you guessed it was your turn, but now we just take turns being "it".

So Judson starts, "I went to the market and bought something brown." After guessing chocolate, peanut butter, pop, a brown paper bag, a piece of wood painted brown..., Meredith asks if it is something you eat. Judson responds, "sometimes".

Sometimes? How can you eat something sometimes? It's either food or it's not!

Then, from the back of the van, Jeffrey guesses, "I know, I know...squirrel!"

Now I do not even remember what Judson's something brown was. I was too flabbergasted that my 2 year old thinks squirrel is something you buy at the market and eat sometimes. We've never had squirrel...I never intend on serving squirrel, much less killing and cooking it.

Well, maybe if we lived in Kentucky.


Deanne said...

Squirrel....ewe! Chocolate...mmmmm!

Deedee said...

Too funny!!! What DO you all eat up there in Montana???????

Maggie said...

Hey now, you hittin' a sista where it hurts!

Only in EASTERN Ky, maybe! :D