Thursday, December 20, 2007

Left Out Gift

This evening we are visiting with some friends for a "holiday get-together". We all have kids the same age and it's just a fun time. However, the other day one of the gals mentions a Christmas present that she has for us and that she'll just bring it tonight. And it wasn't something little!

Shoot! I wasn't planning on any gift for them...just a Christmas card in January. So now what?

After tormenting myself for quite a while, I just decided to make a meal. Cornbread and Chili and package it up cute. Hopefully, that will show that we care without breaking the bank!


Elizabeth Wickland said...

I know just how you feel! We got gifts from 3 neighbors last night (all within about 1.5 hour) and I had completely forgotten that I should probably do something for them!! On top of that, 2 of the families have toddlers that Ellie plays with and they included gifts from the kids to her. Hmmm... I'm still trying to figure out what to get for them that's small, toddler appropriate, and not tacky! At least for the family gifts there's cookies, fudge, homemade candy, etc!

E Jill Riley said...

That friend doesnt read this blog does she? Just so you know, we're coming over with our BIG gift for you on Saturday. (we're leaving the kids with you for the weekend) But please don't feel like you need to give us anything in return.

Jenn said...

No worries! I was planning on bringing my kids to you...making mine a BIGGER gift!

And no, she doesn't know I have a blog yet.