Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2007 Honor Choir Christmas Concert

Last night was Mikalah's Girl's Honor Choir Christmas Concert. She did such a beautiful job. And she looked beautiful. They were to be in place at 6:45. The first 45 girls were given electric candles that they used for one song. Mikalah wanted to be there at 5:00! We compromised and arrived at 6:15. She was still one of the first girls there.

One of her good friends, Emily, is also in Honor Choir. We were able to sit with Emily's family. We were not able to visit, because I have two small children that need constant attention. Especially since the concert was at bedtime! Even though both Morgan and Jeffrey had really good naps yesterday, they were both ready for bed at 7:30 - concert time. Morgan made it through the first three songs. Jeffrey past "halftime".

In the end, it was a beautiful concert and we are so proud of Mikalah. However, for the Spring concert, I think we'll get a babysitter and just Mike and I go!

Emily and Mikalah. They are both growing into beautiful young ladies!

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