Tuesday, April 29, 2008

AI, Not So Live

Why not so live? Because we are on Mountain Time, so Idol come on at 7Pm. That is smack in the middle of "Bathe and get kids ready for bed" time. So we are DVR watching.

Tonight, Neil Diamond. Mike says he has no clue who Neil Diamond is. This is my husband who only knows two kinds of music: Country and Western! Okay, he also knows Petra and Russ Taff. But that's it. For the intro, they play some of Diamond's songs and now Mike knows who he is.

BTW, I remember watching the Monkeys! Fun memories!

Two songs, wow, I don't remember that.

First song:

Jason Castro: I really like him, but I have a hard time picturing him as the next pop star. And the dreds...I have a hard time thinking they are totally clean. Sorry, it should really be about the music. Good, but not spectacular.

David Cook: I like that he turned the song around on Ryan. So scripted. Neil got goosebumps. He's definitely the rocker. Not my taste, but I do love that he seems to have a maturity and well-roundedness (if that is a word) that some of the others are lacking.

(side note, I'm glad Carly is not here anymore so I don't have to see the cut to her husband. He scared me!)

Brooke White: She looks a little goofy with the outfit and guitar. It bugs me that she's saying "your" instead of "her". It's just all the years of the Monkeys running through my head!

David Archuleta: I think his voice is amazing, but he lacks a little personality. I like this song for him. I always liked Sweet Caroline. No matter what happens, I imagine Disney will snap this kid up!

Syesha Mercado: She is so beautiful, but I really like her hair curly. I loved that Neil asked her for a hug unlike where Brooke asked him for a hug. Why has FOX not heard us about the hand waving? It is so annoying! I love her voice! She give ME goosebumps (or maybe that's the ice I'm chewing!)

Judges: They just can't comment quickly, can they? Did Paula really think he sang twice? She is really on something! You know, I don't think Simon is the nicest person, but I usually agree with him.

Second Song:

Jason Castro: I really want to like him, but this was just boring! He even looks bored. Mike thinks he is amazing, but remember the country and western thing? Even Randy thinks it's just okay. Safe, do I really think Paula made a good comment. Maybe Simon is right that this is just not the Jason that started.

David Cook: I really think he is becoming the front-runner. I really think his voice is unique and I like how he changes-up his songs. I'll say it again, he really has personality. This sounds like something I would hear on the radio, but tonight I might change the station. Maybe I'm just not focused, but it didn't "keep my attention". Randy obviously liked it though. I hate how when they cut to Paula she never looks like she is wearing a shirt at all. Okay, so I agree with the current comment, just not the music I would listen to.

Brooke White: I hate that she talks back to the judges! Having her lyrics on her hand - you are kidding, right? I'm glad she changed these words to AZ instead of NY. She looks much more comfortable behind the piano instead of the guitar. Much better vocals. She sounds so weird when she thanks the judges - almost condescending. This was definitely better than the first song. Karaoke bar is right.

David Archuleta: Oops, was that a squeak??? I am glad that he didn't just sing two ballads. If those teeny boppers keep calling in, he'll keep going. He definitely showed more personality this week. He might need a few dancing lessons, though. He dances like me. Loved the last note! Randy, "alls" is not a word!!! He is so cute, but always looks uncomfortable standing next to Ryan. Why is Ryan there again?

Syesha Mercado: She always has fun singing. I think her voice is amazing! But why is she shoeless again? Simon thinks she is in trouble. Could he have said that to get her followers to vote? I hope so, I still like her. I'd rather see Jason or Brooke go before her.

I think based on fan base, we might actually see a David face off for the final two. But that's my non-singing knowledgeable self.

Mike's favorite: David Cook Who he thinks should go home: Brooke White. I agree.


Tammy said...

I've been jumping around from BooMama and I think we will see Brookego home tonight. And I'm with you on the David faceoff.

I loved the Monkee's too. And your header is SOooo cute!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I agree! Brooke needs to quit arguing. It's silly.

Headless Mom said...

Disney+Archie= a Home Run. Been sayin' it for weeks, glad you agree!

terri said...

Yep yep yep. Great minds think alike. :) Again.