Monday, April 7, 2008

How many ways to serve Converted Goodness?

Look at what I bought today!!!

Unfortunately not at Costco. Why, because it is only 5 lbs worth. And unfortunately it will only last me for a few weeks.

But why am I so excited about rice?

Because I REALLY LOVE Uncle Ben's rice. Call me a rice snob if you will, but I love how the grains are individual. I love the taste. And I love the way it looks on my plate.

But it is not cheap.

Because of that fact, my husband brought this home the last time I sent him to the store and rice was on the list.

Why? Because it was cheap. And was 20 lbs. We have been trying to eat this bag of rice for the last four months.

Try is so the wrong word. Since I do not care for this rice, we have not had rice as often as we would when I could serve some good ol' Uncle Ben's.

I really don't mind "sticky" rice...when I'm having Chinese food and can drench it with lots of sauces. But when I am serving rice with a grilled pork chop and some garlic green beans, Uncle Ben's has that beautiful look to it.

Now maybe I never made "sticky" rice properly, but it always came out "sticky" and I just do not like "sticky" food. Unless of course you are talking about buns...but that's a whole 'nother food subject!

I did however almost waver and not buy the yumminess that is Uncle Ben's.


Because three days into Weight Watchers I am convinced that if it is good for you, then it must not taste good. But you know what? There is no difference nutritionally between my Uncle Ben's and the "sticky" rice!

Hallelujah and Thank you, Jesus!

Both are enriched (not the first choice of ultimate healthy eaters). Uncle Ben's does have 10 more calories per serving, but for the taste I am willing to sacrifice 10 more calories!

An interesting note: The "sticky" rice with its oriental writing on the front is manufactured in Arkansas. Uncle Ben's with it's Southern Black gentleman on the front (Uncle Ben himself!) is manufactured in California and the label is printed in both English and Spanish. Does this seem confusing to anyone else?


Elizabeth Wickland said...

Oooh! Speaking of Weight Watchers and Costco and things that taste good... Have you had the Progresso light vegetable soups Costo carries? They are ZERO WW points and the Italian Vegetable is my favorite. SO good, and actually filling, despite its 60 calories per serving.

I'm pretty sure it would take the whole box to feed your family, but it might be something to keep in the pantry for those days when just you need lunch. That's what I do. =D

Heasleye said...

I had forgotten about your love for Uncle Ben's rice!
My theory about the good-for-you food not tasting good is that it actually does, but the bad-for-you food has just tricked our taste buds into thinking otherwise. And it takes a long time to untrick them. It's either that, or...I'm wrong! :)

Pepperpot said...

20 pounds is a lot of rice to suffer through. I myself prefer jasmine rice, yum!
Interesting observation about Arkansas and California, hm....