Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mother : Daughter :: Jennifer : Mikalah

I really loved school when I was younger, but there were some things that we learned that I just didn't like.

Word Problems: I got too involved in the story to actually solve it. I mean, why did Farmer Brown buy the pigs before building the fence for them? And where are the pigs now while he is figuring out what size pen to build? And did he figure in the cost of hardware and a gate? Will it be wood? And what color will he stain it? Does he know how much work pigs are? Did he research that beforehand? Because he apparently didn't prepare to house them!

Library: the Dewey decimal system really doesn't make sense organizationally. And really why memorize it if I still have to look up where the book is located.

English: our language is messed up. I really do enjoy English, but I dislike some aspects. Take analogies for instance. You remember pages of these on the SAT - really dislike that part of the test.
  • born : died :: ugly : beautiful
  • thermometer : degree :: ruler : inch
  • street : boulevard :: construct : build

Those are some easier ones that Mikalah brought home from school today. However, I think she inherited my confusion when it comes to analogies because this was one of hers as well...

  • birds : feathers :: humans : socks

Happy Birthday, Mikalah, I love you, and I'm sorry you inherited that part of my DNA.


Anonymous said...

Please tell your lovely daughter Happy Birthday from the Story family!!!!

Chris said...

Tooooooo funny!!