Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quiet House

Mike and I are at a conference in Post Falls, Idaho. In order to come sans children, I had to parcel my kids out to three unsuspecting crazy loving people. The younger two with one, the middle two with another, and the oldest two with yet another.

We had to leave early Monday morning, so we threw the children out of the house delivered the children on Sunday evening. That meant we had the house to ourselves. (I'll let you think whatever now)

I kept thinking that someday I would get teary eyed over how quiet the house was.

But for now, I didn't have to be quiet because children were sleeping. I could yell for Mike from one of the house when he was at the other end of the house.

I walked on a floor that had been mopped six hours earlier and no one had spilled anything on it yet.

I got up in the morning and didn't have to tip-toe around.

I was ready in record time because I didn't have to solve a crisis or do anyone's hair, get anyone dressed, or feed anyone but myself.

My kitchen was clean when I left and I only had to load one cereal bowl in the dishwasher.

We didn't even have the dog at home, so no one to care for but ourselves.

Yeah, someday it will bring tears to my eyes, but for now...hurray!

And to those watching my children...thank you...and we really won't be back until next week!


Deanne said...

I can only imagine what that would be like. I'm with you....someday, someday! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you and Mike- sure miss seeing you all! Enjoy the time :)
Carrie S