Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back To School

I really thought that as the four oldest went off to school I would have more time to do things, like blog. Somehow I have found myself with less time. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed running errands with just one child now that Jeffrey is also back at preschool, but somehow those hours just fly by. There have been so many things running through my head, that I am opting for a list format tonight. I'm sure each of these things could be posts by themselves, but oh well.

  1. Should I feel guilty that as many Kindergarten moms were crying the first day of school, Mike and I were giving each other high-fives?
  2. Mikalah is going to the junior high for math. JUNIOR HIGH!!!! Somehow just being there for one class allows me to ease into that idea.
  3. When we went to the junior high open house, a student council member gave us tour. She pointed out the classrooms, the gym, the library, and the elevator that is only used by the decapitated kids. That's our tax dollars at work!
  4. The weekend before school started we went to the lake with Mike's parents. It was a beautiful, enjoyable time with temps at 105! We tubed, skied, swam, and saw big horn sheep. I saw big horn sheep and enjoyed the boat ride and sunshine. We also set up "taj-ma-tent" and slept all eight of us. It wasn't bad, but really - I'd rather not camp. Can you tell I'm just not the outdoorsy type?
  5. Jarrett got his first bee sting that weekend. He was trying to squish the bee on his knee. Didn't work.
  6. Mikalah has outgrown her shoes again. She is now a size 8 or 8 1/2. I like that we can share shoes and increase my shoe collection. However, Mikalah thinks that means she can wear my three inch heels. I think not!
  7. When driving the kids to three different schools one morning, Morgan was chatting to herself. Her little voice is so sweet as she counts to 14...and then to seis in Spanish. Either Dora really is educational or we watch too much Dora.
  8. We have all contracted some sort of head cold. Meredith has already finished antibiotics for a double ear infection and Jeffrey is almost done with his. Meredith told us that when she blew her nose she couldn't get anything out of it, but if she sniffed her nose it came out her mouth. Lovely!
  9. Judson was complaining that he could hear out of his right ear. Not messing around, we went off to the ENT. Turns out the tube was falling out and was quite clogged. Unfortunately, he also had lots of fluid on his ear. Instead of scheduling surgery to replace the tube (set #6), the Dr. put a new one in in the office. The positives? Less than an hour in the office and Judson can hear better. The negatives? Having to get a numbing shot in the ear.
  10. The calendar changed to September and the highs went from the 90s+ to 56 and rainy. Oh that we could remain in Summer really until September 21st!!!!
  11. It is election time. Has anyone noticed? I've now listened to both candidates. Each have things that I like, but there is a single issue that is a deal breaker. I guess ultimately that makes me a single issue voter. I've made my decision, have you?
  12. Jarrett has decided he would rather live upstairs with Jeffrey than downstairs with Judson. Judson's thrilled, Jeffrey's thrilled, Mike's thrilled that we will be moving furniture this weekend.
  13. This weekend, we will also pull out the Fall clothes and put away the tank tops and swim suits. And dismantle the pool.
  14. MOPS Int'l asked me to do a workshop about the MOPS@ program at their convention in October. I agreed thinking it would be speaking to about 50 ladies. Just found out it will be to 184 ladies! Do you smell the fear?
  15. I had my yearly Dr. visit this last week. I told him I was falling apart. For one issue he said I should cut out caffeine. For another I needed rest. For another I needed exercise. And for the last I needed more caffeine. I decided rest and more caffeine would be following half the orders - right?


terri said...

Rest, caffeine, chocolate, and a weekend by yourself. That should help just about anything.

terri said...

You have time for that. Right?

Shay said...

I enjoyed reading all your updates! I wasn't crying when I dropped mine off this year either, but neither was entering a landmark grade, and with one more still at home it wasn't too traumatic. I do so enjoy my quiet afternoons now! Glad they were able to get your little man's tube taken care of!

Chris said...

1. Yes, you should feel very very guilty . . . or not.

4. But you did it anyway! Go you!

7. Or both.

8. Eeeeew!

10. Yeah it's been downright chilly here this week!

11. Yes, I've made my decision. I WILL vote. Cause that was really my issue. Could I really vote for either one of them? So I'm voting for Sarah.

14. I will pray pray pray for you, and you will do an INCREDIBLE job!