Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I love a good laugh. Particularly when watching tv.

I miss the days of Friends and Seinfeld. That was some funny stuff. And even though I have watched season 10 of Friends at least 10 times, I still cry laughing when they play rock-paper-scissors to see who will tell Monica why they were late for Thanksgiving dinner.

I also like it when my humor has a little action/adventure mixed in. These days one of my favorites is Chuck. It makes me glad to know that the geeks are cool sometimes too. I love the stereo types and the way they break the stereo types. Plus it gives me a good chuckle to walk into Best Buy now and see the Geek Squad. In my mind I hear Buy More and the Nerd Herd.

Heeeheeeheee - make me chuckle just to type it out.

Okay, sorry about that.

Well, I came across something the other day that is down right funny. Mr. Obsessive Handwasher's Blog, The Dumping Ground. Now before you click over there, as the name implies, it is a blog about bathrooms. The facilities themselves and the people that use them. I know a bit gross, but hey, I live with four boys and three girls that sometimes think they are boys. It is real life.

Okay, really it is a man's blog, but I still laughed. The funniest post, in my opinion, is Bathroom Humor #2: a variation of Hide 'n seek.

I know - this is a little out of character for me. I promise tomorrow to post about Bible study. It's just been an odd week. And surprise...I'm blaming my Monday morning attire.


O. Handwasher said...

Thanks for the link! May you be rewarded with greater accuracy of aim in your sons and husband.

Ivy Six-Pack said...

That would be the BEST reward!!!!

Pastor Mike said...