Thursday, October 2, 2008

What was I thinking?

Right now I am sitting in the Denver Airport and so thankful for free wifi - otherwise I might just fall asleep. And if I fell asleep, I would miss my next flight, because it would be a deep sleep.

But let me back up a bit...

Mike and I had a wonderful time in Idaho - travelling just the two of us. The conference itself was not spectacular, but it was a good time for Mike and I. Refocused us and we made some big decisions.

We have had some financial changes in the last two weeks, that you would think would throw me into insanity, but they haven't.

First, our denomination miscalculated our funding. Instead of having support until December, we ran out two weeks ago - no end of September paycheck.

Second, the company that Mike went to work for as a "Quality Control Manager" (yeah - no clue either) has had some integrity issues. While on our trip, we decided that he can not go back to work there. Starting next Wed - no paycheck.

Now those two things alone - not even mentioning the loss of health insurance - would normally put me into panic mode. No, I don't know where the money will come from to pay the electric bill. But somehow I feel very peaceful about it - it is okay. God is faithful!

We after we got home, Mike talked to his old company in Indiana. They have agreed to hire him as a consultant 20 hours/week.

That sound doable for Mike - not as stressful trying to work as much and do church. And it is different work. It will also mean a few trips to Indiana. In the back of my mind and if finances cooperate, I may send a child or two on one of those trips - they have been begging to visit their friends!

So, a trip to Idaho...a schedule and financial picture turned up side down...and twelve hours later...on a flight to Dallas.

This morning I got to watch the sun come up at how many ever thousands of feet in the air - beautiful! Now I am drinking coffee and "relaxing" until the next fight (3 hours). Great people watching time. And I really do like the Denver airport. Free wifi and a second level that most people don't know about. I can sit in quiet and watch people from overhead.

I know this seems random, but people watching is something else that I have noticed has evolved in me over the past few years. I used to watch, look at clothes, and notice all the faults.

"That woman does not match!"
"Oh, my, did she really wear pjs to fly in?"
"Just use a comb, people"

Now I notice more...different.

I still notice clothes... "oo - cool shoes!" or "fun wrap" but now I notice other things. "She looks so tired - I wonder what is bothering her...Lord, give her strength...travelling with a baby is so difficult." or "wow, he's moving fast...I wonder if he ever stops to think about You...Lord, create and opportunity for him to stop - hopefully nothing tragic." Yet I know that God doesn't create the tragic - He uses it.

That brings me to another thing (told you random). Mike and I listened to "The Shack" on CD during our eight-hours-there-and-eight-hours-back trip to Idaho. Amazing story!!!! I need to get the book now so I can re-read it again. Excellent at explaining forgiveness, love, and why bad things happen to "good" people. may be your Christmas present! So in that case, never mind.

Alright, enough tired rambling - time to something productive, find some food, and board my plane to Dallas.

Yee'haw, Tx here I come!


Anonymous said...

God is awesome!! :) :)
Please send Jarrett :)

Love to you
Carrie S

Deanne said...

I am so encouraged that in the midst of what should be stressful times you know the Lord's peace! We, too, are going through difficult financial stuff right now (different than yours, but hard none the less). May you and Mike continue to seek the Lord and know His peace each day as you see His provision. Praise God, for He is good!

terri said...

I love your words: "God doesn't create the tragic. He uses it." That is so true, and beautifully stated.
Have fun in the WONDERFUL land of Texas. Could you pick me up some Chick-Fil-A? :)

Ivy Six-Pack said...

Oh how I wish I could send you some Chick-fil-a! I did seek it out and sat in silence as I ate my nuggets. I also made many trips to the bathroom since I had a large lemonade with two refills!!! But it was sooooo good!