Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coming up for Air

There are days that being able to say I survived the two youngest children is all I accomplished. But I am beginning to see glimmers of hope.

We are beginning to see a drop in the number of tantrums that Jeffrey is throwing and that he is starting to control some of those out-of-control emotions. Yesterday we have a fun conversation:

Jeffrey: Mommy what are those lines on the window? (referring to the cracks in my van windshield that I hate, but why pay the $500 to replace when we are entering the construction season in Montana? Neither crack is obstructing my view.)

Me: Those are cracks where rocks hit the windshield and it cracked.

Jeffrey: No, it cracked because you hit a moose.

Me: what?

Jeffrey: (again) it cracked because you hit a moose.

Me: no, they are from rocks that flew up from other cars tires.

Jeffrey: oh, that's right Grandma hit a moose!

Something you aren't telling us, grandma?

Then this morning my sweet boy brought me breakfast in bed. He said he was thinking of me, so he wanted to bring me breakfast in bed. My breakfast? five sticky jelly beans and a Hershey's chocolate egg. But the smile on his face was worth it!!

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