Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MOPS Summit & the Brain Fog that Follows

I am finally coming out of the fog of my brain that was MOPS Summit. For those nor familiar, MOPS is Mothers of Preschoolers - awesome group!!! Okay, I'm kind of biased. I am the Council Coordinator for Eastern Montana. That's really just a fancy title meaning I try and help all of the groups in Eastern Montana. Help them get started, help them resolve stuff in their groups, help them become better groups so they can be better moms and make a better world. (check out the website - it will make more sense then)

This past weekend we had a training workshop for all of the leaders. That training included a live feed from MOPS International in Denver and some training from yours truly on conflict management. I am so thankful to MOPS for providing me with great material! Now if only it would work on my four year old!!!!

So it is now Tuesday and I am finally regaining my brain. I am doing mountains of laundry and figuring out what food is left in our house.

Meredith and Jeffrey also had their post-op appointments with the ENT this morning and were given a clean bill of health. We are headed to the speech therapist for Jeffrey some time in the next two weeks. Mommy working with him is coming to an end. Mommy's patience has worn out and I really don't want it to turn into something that requires punishment...he has lots of things that require punishment right now. So time to set up regular appointments. We have seen a change in his speech since surgery. He seems to have less trouble with his tongue, but his words seem more muddled now. Who knows...let you know what the speech therapist says.

This weekend my grandparents were moved into an Alzheimer's care facility. It should alleviate quite a bit of stress from my parents. They have been working around the clock to care for them. Some of the situations are sad, but a lot of them are humorous. Like the fact that my grandparents keep switching PJs in the middle of the night. I really don't want to know why, but it is kinda funny. Especially when you temper it with the fact that they still love each other so much!

Lastly, my sweet little girl, Muffy, is turning SIX in three days. I don't think I can stand it!!! Of course I also am not 100% sure what we are doing yet! She wants a Daddy-Daughter Dating Party. I'm thinking roller skating with some friends and their Daddys and then ice cream. We'll see.

Now, back to the coffee to clear the rest of the fog!

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Trish D said...

Way to go on the MOPS training!

And wow, you guys have a lot going on right now. Continuing to lift you up in prayer.