Monday, April 20, 2009

The Search for Summer Clothing

For all of you summer clothes shopping, this post is all too true!!!!


Deanne said...

now THAT was totally right on! I love it!!!

Deedee said...

Actually I guess I'm the rebel! LOL! I love my camis and have actually throw out all my bras!!!! Yes, really! (Shhhhh....don't tell your Mom who will tell my Mom who.....well you get the point! :o)

Really, my Mom knows, just joking. After the breast surgery I had, I had a terrible time finding bras that fit and didn't rub my scar tissue. (my surgery was all the way across the armpit!) Two years ago COSTCO came to the rescue as they sell the built in bra camis in packs of two for a great price.

I bought them to go under one outfit and found they were sooooooo comfortable that I was living in them, so I bought a dozen including some in different colours. Are my 'ladies' heading south and getting saggy - yep! Are they finally not hurting at the end of everyday like they have since I hit puberty and started wearing a bra - YEP!

I'm afraid that comfort wins over vanity with me. If they are around my knees when I'm 70 then so be it. It isn't worth the pain anymore. Also, hubby thinks it is more modest in the cami/bra things since they aren't pushed up like they are in a bra. And just to clarify - I'm not small as I was a double FF last time I was sized!

jenn@myderbe said...

I think her post is hilarious. But I too love camis. I wear them all the time -- under sundresses that would be totally inappropriate without them, under lightweight sweaters, under low-cut shirts. And around my house where nobody can see me, I sometimes wear them alone. And I have nursed 6 children. :)