Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Back in the Denver airport - love the free wifi!

I am headed home from MOPS convention & then a few way-to-short days in Indy. There were so many people I didn't have time to see! I hated that! But I was thankful for the few I did connect with.

You see lots of interesting things when you are travelling. The lady that flew behind me on one flight wearing her pjs and big pink fluffy bathrobe was one of the odd ones.

The flight I just got off of...well, two hours ago...two more hours to this layover to go...I sat in the row behind the exit row. I have no problem with sitting in the exit row and on this flight I think I would have preferred to. The woman sitting in the exit row was probably about 65. The flight attendant asked her if she was okay lifting the 40 lbs door and throwing it out over the wing. She said yes...WHAT??? There is no way she could have done that - she may have broken a long hot pink fake nail or lost one of the seven gold rings she was wearing on her fingers!

But have no fear, my safety was reassured after she had three OJ and vodkas.


Chris said...

Wish you could have made a pit stop in Omaha, too.

crystalk said...

LOL. That is too funny! Sounds like a family member (of mine) in another 30 years!