Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Graduate

Jarrett graduated from Kindergarten today. What a milestone! I remember my kindergarten graduation still. Jarrett's class did the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the Star Spangled Banner. Then they walked across the front of the room and received a certificate and a book. It was quite cute. My not-so-little guy is reading and writing more than just his name and doing some amazing math. He is growing up so fast! Next year he goes to school ALL DAY and eats lunch at school (okay, secretly, I'm glad I don't have to run to school in the middle of the day for half-day kindergarten any more!). I don't know what I'll do without seeing him for that long!!!

JOY UPDATE: Joy has taken a turn for the worse. She spiked a fever of 104 yesterday and again today and her breathing is more labored. Please continue to pray for God's perfect timing and perfect peace.


Deanne said...

My Mae will 'graduate' this year too! Why is that? Why do they make a big deal out of moving out of kindergarten? I didn't do that when I was little. I just find it strange. At this point I don't know if Mae's school does the whole graduate thing or not. Guess I'll be finding out real soon!

Congrats on your little guy moving up and for you, next year, as you won't have to do the back and forth thing to school (I'm secretly looking forward to that too...well, ok, it's not really a secret!) :)

Chris said...

It's difficult to imagine Donovan going to school at all, let alone graduating kindergarten. I know I'll be a puddle of emotions. Bittersweet moments. Right now he's standing in his bed screaming when he should be sleeping, as should I. Big day tomorrow!!