Tuesday, May 8, 2007


This picture was taken in Seattle almost eight years ago, but I thought it was so pretty.

Today is Joy's 21st birthday. It is bitter-sweet as she is still hospitalized. My last phone call with Mom said there was "no change", not worse, but also not better. They were going to visit with the doctor again this afternoon. Joy is named after both of my grandmothers - Joyce and Elizabeth. "Grammy" Elizabeth went to live with Jesus last August. Her birthday was May 5th, so she and Joy had a very close bond. Grammy called her "Joybells".

Joy started making beaded necklaces a few years ago and very seriously two years ago before her diagnosis. She has adopted the butterfly as her "trademark" and always includes a butterfly bead in her work.

This was taken by my friend, Elaine, in her front yard.
Isn't she amazing, isn't God amazing!
Happy 21st Birthday, Joy!

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Chris said...

Beautiful! Happy birthday, Joy! Thanks for the encouragement this morning, Jenn.