Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Muffy Bear

Doesn't she just make you smile? I can not believe that Meredith, our little Muffy Bear turned four yesterday! She is getting so big. Four seems so old to me. Like she is not a toddler anymore, not a baby. She really is a big girl! I can clearly remember four years ago. I had gone to church to produce the weekend program that Thursday morning. Mikalah was at school and Judson and Jarrett at day care. All morning I was feeling funny. Not bad, just weird. Finally about 3 pm I called the doctors office, "I know this is child #4, but I'm not sure if I'm in labor." I really felt dorky. They had me come in and sure enough I was! (in labor, not a dork!) They actually let me go home and get my stuff and then come back. As Mike and I drove home, we were each on our cells calling various people, making different arrangements.

My girlfriends and I were going out for Pam's birthday that night. Instead, they all came up to the hospital. I don't remember a whole lot of the actual event, other than the fact that my anesthesiologist and doctor had gone into a c-section leaving me without any pain killers. My nurse kept telling me not to push and wait for the doctor. And the room was filled with friends, and several nurses, including the charge nurse, dressed to deliver just in case. The doctor just made it, because I gave up and started pushing anyway. And Meredith was born around 9pm. Throughout my pregnancy, everyone was sure it was a boy, but I was pulling for a girl. When they said it was a girl, I cried. I think I was worried that I would be disappointed if it was a boy. As far as Mike was concerned, our family was complete. :)

Meredith has been on the go since then. I was quite proud that we made it to church that Sunday (I needed that socialization). She was really a pretty easy baby. She is our organizer - a product of her perfectionistic mother. Every thing must be just so. She always has a smile on her face - sometimes even when being corrected. Now that's a little frustrating as a mom! She is a princess. Always primping and posing. Loves purple and pink and jewelry - especially her tiara. There are times when I think she is really 15 not 4! She is a snuggler, but she can't sit still. She loves taking care of her younger brother and sister. She is such a little mommy. She loves to sing and make up knock-knock jokes. Occasionally they make sense. She's nailed the banana/orange one and the "nobody" one from the Pursuit of Happiness. She loves to shop - watch out! Yesterday she asked me when we were going to the mall again and could we go today. She's counting down the days until Build-A-Bear opens in the mall (May 25th). She is really goofy most of the time! Usually in a good way. I can't wait to see what a beautiful woman, God has for her to become! Okay, maybe I can wait!!!!


becca said...

I can tell from the previous pics that she's quite a character! Thanks for sharing! I love how you give each of your six-pack special attention on your blog. We're in love with them too!

Anonymous said...

She is precious. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Deanne said...

Happy birthday Meredith! Thank for sharing her birth story, they are always fun to read!

Chris said...

I am always wrong about what gender a baby will be. Before my ultrasound I was sure Donovan wa going to be Bianca. And remember the pink & purple blanket I made for Jeffrey? So glad Morgan got to use it. I was one of the ones thinking you were having a boy when you had Muffy, too. She is precious. You have every reason to be proud of your beautiful little girl.