Thursday, May 17, 2007

Miracles Still Happen!

Monday morning my mom called to say that Joy had deteriorated and was now on 100% oxygen. Her lungs had 50% scar tissue and she had maybe 24 hours to live. They moved her into the "Room Above the Clouds" room to make her more comfortable as she deteriorated. Mike got me on a plane to SanAntonio that arrived at 10pm. My brothers and Dad met me at the airport and we headed to the hospital. We spent the night there and Joy had a horrible night. She was so sick to her stomach all night long. In the morning her doctors changed her meds to try and make her more comfortable. Their goal was to make her final hours painless. Joy was completely at peace with dying. One of her comments was, "I'll get to see Grammy today!" Amazing for one so young and yet so difficult to process. God seemed to have different plans. He is GOOD - all the time.

Tuesday, Joy started feeling a little better, Wednesday even a little more so. By Wednesday afternoon, she was sitting up asking for her lap top, eating french fries (her request). The doctors were befuddled! They decided they should just send her home with hospice care. They were now saying she had maybe a week, maybe two. The process of sending her home should have taken a week, but as I write this we are awaiting transport home and it is only Thursday!!! God IS good - all the TIME!

In order to go home, she needed to be on 60% oxygen and stable. I am happy to report she is just that! Her coloring is good, her appetite is coming back (she just ate a McD's cheeseburger), her oxygen levels are up, and her heart rate is staying low!!! God is good - ALL the time!

Through out this process I have felt like I was walking a balance beam. One the one hand accepting that Joy's death was God's will and knowing that Heaven was a million times better than life here on earth. On the other hand having faith that God could reverse the process and heal Joy. Seeing the lives that Joy has impacted while here is just amazing. God has touched so many people through Joy - so many unbelievers. And our family had been so blessed by so many people as well. All of Joy's doctors are making plans to come visit her at home with their families. They have given her their home numbers and personal emails (something many of the nurses are quite jealous of :) !!!). GOD IS GOOD - ALL THE TIME!!!

We do not know if this is a reversal or just a postponement. But what we do know is that Joy is now talking about things she hopes to do in six months. This is a change in attitude for her. I've also seen my mom's attitude change. She too is talking about the future. Joy is still weak and her treatment plan is still to make her comfortable, not to "cure" her; but we know that God is really in charge and He is GOOD!!! ALL the time!


Deanne said...

God IS indeed good all the time! I am praising Him right along with you! I am also praying for you and your family that you will know His peace, and that no matter the outcome that the Lord will be glorified and honored and that many will come to the saving knowledge of Christ because of what He is doing right now.

Love to you and your family,

Trish D said...

What a blessing!! I'll continue to pray for your family, whatever the future holds.

becca said...

Praise Him, Praise Him, Praise Him! These words are not enough. May our every minute be a living, rejoicing sacrifice to Him who answers prayers.

Chris said...

Still praying. Love ya.