Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ninja Cows

Today ends a visit from some friends from Indiana - the Storys!
Aaron & Carrie and their three boys spent the last four days here and we had a blast! Church on Sunday, girly movie, golf, the zoo/a fun nature walk, sports camp, Baskin Robbins, and the ranch. Yesterday, we took them out to Mike's parents ranch and rode four-wheelers (uneventful compared to last time!), chased cows and had lunch. It was a beautiful day and their middle child, Gabe, was just so excited to see cows upclose and personal. Mike chased cows on the motorcycle (modern ranching!) and I rode behind him for about 10 min. He thought it would be romantic to chase cows together. My hiney is still recovering!!!

We took lots of pictures, but my time is short (last day of sports camp and I have to pick kids up soon!), so I'll leave you with Meredith imitating the cows. We do have unique cows here in Montana!


becca said...

That's a lot of kids in that picture! You have something in your character that I do not, that allows you to live with so many, then invite more and still find a way to have fun! I stand in awe of you! Thanks for the MOPS idea! I'd love to hear your thoughts on why it's better than just having a free/informal Mom's Group at the church. Do tell!

Jenn said...

Really, the kids play together, so it doesn't always seem like there are that many! And I didn't acquire them all at one time, so I adjusted before the next one came along...except the last two, but that's a long story for a different time!!!

I will try and email you more about MOPS, but I wanted to tell you that I feel that MOPS has a vision to help moms understand that mothering matters and that God cares about them and their children. They have designed their program around that. They also have allowed each group to define themselves.